Slots Cleopatra is rolling in her tomb over slot games bearing her name

Play Cleopatra themed slot machines where Cleopatra rules the reels in both classic, one payline slots and in multi-payline games with all kinds of special features from bonus rounds to free spin games, with expanding multipliers, scatters, and wilds.
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Play Cleopatra slot games online for Egyptian casino fun and excitment

cleopatra themed slot machines

The Cleopatra that most people think of when they think of ‘Cleopatra’ was of Cleopatra the VII, the last Queen of Egypt known for her great beauty and intelligence and for her liaisons with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. She is considered today as an important symbol in history, media, literature, and now, interestingly enough, in the form of popular online slots. What an honor to have bestowed on her royal name She must be rolling in her mummified remains.

Even beyond the highly popular general theme of Ancient Egypt, that most famous monarch of the Bronze Age empire, Cleopatra, is perhaps the single most visible persona of all in online slots. Whether it’s the wealth, the seduction of and torrid love affairs with Roman rulers, or the comparisons with the modern-day American empire falling, Cleopatra (the sixth, to be exact) lords over online casino slots like she used to over Middle Eastern lands…

Cleopatra-themed slots offer to transport the player into the wild spins of Egypt-themed games with promises of golden wealth – and any online casino can set you up with this queen.

What are some good Cleopatra slots?

With so many titles named for the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra slots can be found for literally any player’s taste. Among the games with colors to spare and a fantastic soundtrack is the Riches of Cleopatra penny slot. By comparison, Cleopatra Jewels makes Riches of Cleopatra seem positively tame by comparison with its amazingly peppy music on wins and rich palette of purple.

The Queen of the Nile series is quite popular for rather old-fashoned, simplistic slots – worth a few spins for the beginner. Quite the interesting slot is Rome and Egypt, the rare slots games that features Cleopatra along with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony – one can only imagine what might happen if time travel got these three together…

What about Cleopatra progressive slots?

If you want to play a big-money Cleopatra progressive jackpot slot, the game to remember is IGT’s Cleopatra, probably not the main reason Cleopatra slots have risen to such prominence in the online milieu, though one could certainly make the argument.

Since its release in 2006, IGT’s Cleopatra has consistently made top 10 lists among casinos who host the game, and its top jackpot of $500,000 has paid out over two dozen times in the slot’s first 10 years of existence.

Beyond this, we can recommend Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold and the Grace of Cleopatra; each features randomly-awarded progressive jackpots; the latter includes four such potential bonus payouts!

Is Cleopatra VI the sexiest woman to ever run a nation?

Well, not too many British monarchs have exactly been picturesque. 20th- and 21st-century rulers are a fairly sorry lot from Margaret Thatcher to Angela Merkel. Maybe Empress Elisabeth of 19th-century Austro-Hungary…?

How’d we get on to this subject, anyway?

You got me! Let’s get back to slots.

Where can I play Cleopatra slots?

Try them right here at Live Casino Direct for 100% free play as long as you like. When you’d like to try to win real money on great Cleopatra-themed slots (or any casino game, really), simply click on any link related to our recommended partnering casinos. All provide top security and great catalogues of casino games for your enjoyment.

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Play in fun mode or for real casino cash with images from ancient Egypt of things like pyramids, camels, scarab beetles, ankhs and other Egyptian symbols. There are even 3D Egyptian-themed slot games as well as specific Cleopatra slots in enhanced 3D animation.
Enjoy the mystique of ancient Egypt with Cleopatra themed slots for casino players.