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For all the glamour and glitz that is stardom, online slots is making its own debut in producing celebrity-themed games for its players. It's your time to shine on the stage with slots like The Right Prize and Baywatch. Look for upcoming slot star games coming out all the time.
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Celebrity-themed slots with favorite films and TV programs to spin with online


The characters of Hollywood have come up in many a place, and now even within the design and themes of various games. Celebrity-themed varieties make up their part like in Dynasty and The Right Prize. Play nightlife and celebrity-themed machines featuring game show celebrities and popular game shows, rock stars, TV and film actors and actresses from the US, Britain, and even from Japan like in Banzai slot about the Japanese game show. Slot machines, scratch cards, wheel games, and other betting games with celebrity themes, play them here and get noticed too with a blockbuster spin.

“I love being famous. It’s almost like being white.” – Chris Rock

The rich and famous are the royalty of the 21st century, carrying endless fascination to us working stiffs with glamorous lifestyles and, um, some interesting personal doings. Naturally, then, both living and deceased stars are depicted in online casino games. Hollywood and the other entertainment factories hog the limelight again in celebrity-themed slots. Upon big names from the worlds of film, TV, music and sports are these games based – and most boast huge jackpot payouts, too.

What celebrities are popular in online slots?

As disparate in claim to fame as the likes of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee (just to name three popular examples) are, each celebrity-themed game seeks to capture the individual personality of the subject. Since a name can’t be copyrighted, many online casino software producers stock a few household-name celebrity-themed slots in the virtual gameroom.

After the aforementioned deceased icons, not too many living figures have lent their likenesses to games. On the other hand, certain franchise-titled slots are little more than star vehicles and thus can certainly be counted as such. Easy examples include the Rocky (the Sylvester Stallone boxing flick), Scarface (with the scenery-chewing Al Pacino at his best) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Matthew Broderick’s career-launching star turn).

What about franchise games? Any celebrities in them?

Sure. In TV land alone, you can catch glimpses of celebrities of the past in the Love Boat (including Fred Grandy, your yeoman purser and former state representative from Iowa), Dallas (with, you know, the dude who played J.R. Ewing), Baywatch (with the immortal David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and lotsa boobs) and the Monty Python (the Monty Python guys) slots.

Are there slots on the celebrity theme?

Now here’s a plethora of titles to choose from. Lots of slots games will sell players dreams of the famous life while playing with dreams of jackpot payouts. Without messy copyright and likeness rights questions to deal with, celebrity-themed slots are plentiful at any online casino.

The glitz and glitter of Tinseltown is purveyed in slots like Cinema City, Hollywood Reels and Hollywood Film! (The exclamation point naturally part of the title.) Heck, the last even rolls out the virtual red carpet with an Academy Awards theme and a video bonus round to match.

Or how about mixing-and-matching all the sub-subgenres of celebrity slots with Celebrity in the Jungle, based on the inexplicably popular British reality show which featured B-list celebs such as the execrable Colin Baker.

Where can I play celebrity slots?

Free play on celebrity slots and our entire collection of online casino games may be had right here at Live Casino Direct. Siimply click on the game of your choice, and away you go!

Enjoy hobnobbing with the entertainment elite in celebrity-themed online slots at your favorite internet casino. You may not become famous for 15 minutes, but you might manage to live a bit more comfortably with a lucky win.

Another popular TV show-based online slot to play is The Right Prize based on the game show The Price is Right.
Perhaps nobody knows who you are, however, the statistics are probably higher to get famous as a slot winner than as another up and coming Hollywood star, so keep spinning!