Exciting Animal-themed slots are like catnip for some casino players

Animal lovers won't need to be beg for slots with animal themes, there are a large number of online slots already out there to chew on. Try some of our slots treats and you'll keep coming back hungry for more.
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Animal-themed slots: cats and dogs, pigs, horses & more...


Some people claim to be dog lovers, others, cat lovers, some are fascinated with every breed of sustainable life, tuning in for Animal Planet to Animal Cops—it's no doubt people have animals on the brain. Whether it’s a fascination with animals that are cute and cuddly or burly and carnivorous, from the Horse Whisperer to Gorillas in the Mist, animals are a continual source of pleasure and wonder and online slots bring animals to online slot players in all their glory.

Slots players are often a superstitious lot. And heck, why not? After all, the game of choice is purely a question of luck – or karma, if the player believes in such. With a lucky totem perhaps the tides can shift through manipulation of the ether, through feeling one’s way with The Force or what have you.

Few expressions of luckiness out there are more common than animals. Whether you’ve got a spirit animal, an astrological sign or are just plain enamored with a given creature in the gods’ kingdom, you’ll easily be able to find a slot featuring the critter. And heck, that one’s just got to be the lucky one for you, right? Or at least a fun new favorite…

What animals have slot games based on them?

It’s a menagerie in the typical online casino. Let’s go through animal-by-animal, Noah’s Ark-style, all right? In alphabetical order, some of the beasties you’re likely to see in internet gameland are the following.

Bees and other bugs. Maybe it’s the black-and-yellow color combo, but bees remain highly popular among the online slots catalogue. Bee Crazy is fun and colorful; The Bees sets the stingers in th world of the TV sitcom. Other insects star in slots such as Fire Flies, Bug Life (an informal take on A Bug’s Life) and Travel Bug.

Birds. Hoo, not an easy one to summarize. Birds are everywhere in the virtual zoo of the online casino in titles like Lucky Birds, Cluck Bucks and the interesting Birds on a Wire. Feathered Frenzy is definitely one worth your while, too, with a $25,000 jackpot payout possible.

Cats. Naturally, cats are well-represented at the online casino – this is the internet, after all. Cats are probably in the top three among animal-themed games, up there with dogs and monkeys. Cat lovers can enjoy Fortune 8 Cat, a high-paying “1024 Ways to win” slot from Microgaming. Kitties go sci-fi in the classic slot Cosmic Cat. Miss kitty is a gorgeous fashionable cat, while Sumo Kitty is straight-up badass. But so cute!

Chickens and turkeys. Cashanova, starring a studly cock in the henhouse, is an all-time favorite among online slots players. Chicken Little and Egg O Matic are worthy mentions as well; the fomer is freakin’ hilarious while the latter features interesting and innovative gameplay. Turkeys are mostly relegated to Thanksgiving-themed slots, and the best of these is probably Gobbler’s Gold.

Dogs. Geez, where do we start? Canine lovers have no shortage of titles to choose from when seeking fun dog-themed slots. Golden Retriever is a simple 20-payline slot with a hilarious “Dig It Up” bonus round. Spike’s Nite Out is a humorous take on the famous “Dogs playing Poker” painting. Cash Puppy is a great classic slot for dog lovers, and the Dogfather is an inevitable combination of mafia and doggie. And we’ve just scratched (so to speak) the surface…

Dolphins. The affable animal of the seas stars in many a slots game, and typically appears in any oceanside slot as well. Try slots like Dolphin King (popular enough to spawn other casino games), Dolphin’s Pearl (a take on a “real-life” slot machine), Ocean Fortune and Dolphin King for examples.

Farm animals. One of the most popular milieus in all of slots, farm life is captures in gameslike Money Farm, Sunny Farm, 3D Farm, Tornado Farm, Farm Adventures, Barnyard Bucks, Country Life, Barnyard Boogie and well more.

Frogs. Seen as a symbol of luck in many Asian cultures, the frog is an easy choice for a star in animal-themed slots. We like Frog Hunter, Super Lucky Frog and Mr. Toad. (Yes, we know frogs and toads are not the same, but we had to get in a mention of this slot without creating a new subcategory.)

Monkeys. More fun than a barrel of monkeys? That’s an expression that casino game software producers clearly have in mind when the time for new designs comes up. And hey, monkeys go with everything, it seems. Don’t believe us? Look at Monkeys vs. Sharks or Gold ‘n’ Monkeys.

Panthers. Sure, you can check out Baghira in various Jungle book-themed slot game, but it says here the coolest cat of ‘em all is the Pink Panther; his slot game is fantastic, too.

Penguins. The much-beloved arctic bird features in many polar-themed games in addition to at least two slots suspiciously similar in look to certain blockbuster animated flicks. Penguins in Paradise plays off the Madagascar movies by DreamWorks, while Glacial Ages naturally conjures up Ice Age – with penguins added.

Pigs. The exhortation “be a pig!” is never more fitting than at the online casino (unless you’re the Griswolds in European Vacation, that is). Slots starring pigs are rife online, beginning with fairy tales: Check out Big Bad Wolf, Little Pigs Strike Back and Three Little Piggies for familiar riffs on that classic tale. Otherwise, you can play virtually any farm-based slot for porcine protagonist or the lucrative Piggy Riches game.

Whales. After dolphins and maybe pirates, the majestic whale is a key figure in ocean-themed slots. Whale O Winnings lives up to its name as a low-variance slot with big payouts. And Moby Dick does up the Herman Melville novel in more exciting fashion than 19th-century prose can provide.

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