Play American themed slots online and pledge your allegiance to real money play

All for the red, white and blue with slots featuring American sports, movies, junk food, celebrities, music, holidays, travel destinations, television, and all things American. We raise the flag with American slots for American online casino players. Long live the slot!
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From slot to shining slot with American, red, white, and blue casino machines


There are slots based on American soap operas like 'As the World Turns' in slot games like 'As the Reels Turn' along with many other American-themed games. Rival accepts US players and these are their best slots of Americana. Try a variety of Rival slot games with American-themes from slots with bowling in Bowled Over to Pigskin Payout with a baseball theme. Play here with a directory you can trust, both in free play mode and to win real casino money.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue … at least at the online casinos, where American-themed slot games remain in high demand – even among those outlets catering to U.K. players or Australian players.

Ironically, while American-themed slots continue to be popular, quite a few online casinos will not accept U.S. players (more on this state of affairs below) and so the inmates are left to simply view the asylum, so to speak. Folks from most other countries may still enjoy America from afar at the internet casino, however.

What are “American slots”? Games with red, white & blue coloring?

While some America-themed internet slots are of the “classic slot game” variety and therefore splash the graphics and symbols with the three colors, stars and bars, Americana makes its way into many a video slot as well. Look for the popular motifs of the U.S.’ national symbols, baseball, American food and even the ever-popular Native Americana themes.

Americana slots are a part of the online slots culture today and every gaming software giant is churning them out like burgers on the fast food line. These slots tend to be decked out in red, white and blues, beefed up with American junk food and American icons like the Statue of Liberty or Mt. Rushmore.

What about American TV slots? Do you have those?

What do you think? In fact, with the recent vogue for 1980s nostalgia, a whole virtual can of worms is opening as the old television shows are fondly recalled. Stuff like The Price Is Right and Happy Days are about as American as baseball and apple pie, so these make the grade. Fans of the small screen well assuredly be looking for games based on old-timey staples like Cheers, Mork & Mindy, Family Ties, the A*Team, Roseanne, the Cosby Show (okay, probably not that last one)…

So what’s the situation with American gambling law? Do online casino accept US players?

If you’re a U.S. citizen feeling patriotic (or merely wish to bathe in the reds, whites and blues of the Yankee nation), you’ll probably want to check out an American-themed online slot at your favorite online casino. If lucky, you’ll soon be awash in that great fascination of Obama’s nation: namely, money. If not, you’re likely to hit the electronic version of President Trump’s famed border wall. Except at many places, it’s “no Americans allowed.”

US gambling law since the mid-2000s has forbidden acquisitions between online casinos and players. Technically, this doesn’t rule out players from playing, say, America-themed slots – if they’re willing to pay via an alternate route with electronic payment methods or even by bitcoin, accepted at increasing numbers of online casinos.

How does the pledge of allegiance go for lovers of American slots?

“I pledge allegiance to the slots of the United States of America and to the casinos at which they’re installed, one theme under the gods with bonuses and free spins for all. Amen.”

Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light, slots players staying up all through the night. Oh how that star-spangled slot can fly.
America, the home of the brave with slots players waging war on every front