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Adventure and action are a way of living that certain people seek out, slot players often like to be part of the action and now they can. Live that reality online and even join forces with comic heroes from DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse in games like Superman, Elektra and Hellboy.
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Action / adventure slot games online to play for free or real money

Action / Adventure

Remember that strength comes in numbers as characters like The Hulk make their debut on the reels in the first versions of the Marvel slot games by Playtech. Iron Man will launch winners into the outer atmosphere of their dreams while players who fight off lions in Gladiator Slot and become braver with every winning coin. Some of the most popular video online slots at the moment are many of the heart pounding, jaw dropping, and adventure-driven Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider slots by Microgaming. Another well-loved slot that comes to mind by Rival Gaming is my personal favorite, SpyGame. For those stunt people out there and for those with a taste for speed, try Evel Knieval which can be played at all Vegas Technology powered online casinos. Find all these games and more on our casinodirectory pages for easy reference and access.

Okay, what now? The movie’s over, so what better way to keep the dream alive of reigning victorious over tyrants and monsters than to play all the best action-adventure themed slots. Take in a little adrenaline and a rush of blood to the head. Score, spin and win money with all the greatest action-adventure slots from the gaming leaders of today.

These adventure-action slot games deliver extraordinary visuals and bonus rounds that take players on a fast ride while playing for free money. If the experience of winning weren't captivating enough, try these action-adventure themed games to take slots to a whole new level.

What’s the attraction of slots with an action/adventure theme?

What online casino player doesn’t need more action and adventure in his/her life, anyway? Well, that’s the driving force behind action/adventure-themed online slots. Whether you’re hustling through catacombs with Lara Croft and her ilk or beating up super-powered bad guys alongside the X-Men, action/adventure-themed slots games are typically those with the most programming creativity behind them – if only to cover the serious licensing costs such names can command.

Are the video bonus rounds in these slots exciting?

Typically, the action/adventure subgenre in online slots gaming features the most involved (and often the highest-paying) video bonus rounds, as the player is called upon to virtually defend the earth, terminate the bad guys with extreme prejudice, find lost treasure … and win a big payout!

Can I play these slots for free?

We’ve got thousands of games for the playing at Live Casino Direct, and a surprising number of them are within the action/adventure theme. Play whichever slot(s) you like for however look as you want, with no registration or passing on of information necessary.

For a fast-paced, high-tech online slot game experience, players could do worse than to sidle up to a top-quality action/adventure slot. Whether franchise-based or not, these games tend to have the biggest and snazziest video bonus rounds – and you’ll feel like a superhero after hitting that jackpot win for sure.

Can I play action/adventure slots for real money?

Of course! Try out the games on this page (or any of our pages on the website, really) and then feel free to click on any of our recommend casino websites to play safely, securely and fairly; all our partner casinos have been quality tested for best business practices by one or more independent auditory bodies.

In addition, note that the overwhelming majority of our partner casinos offer fantastic and generous welcome bonuses, so please take advantage of the opportunity to increase your playing money for absolutely free. And these casinos have been selected to ensure accepting of players from your country.

Check out our massive online slots game collection and you’re sure to thrill to their action-packed slots titles like those featured here!

Introducing Playtech's two new versions of the Marvel Slots with The Hulk Slot and Iron Man Slot taking the lead.