The most Prominent and New Casino Technologies

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The most Prominent and New Casino Technologies

The iGaming industry is one of the most flexible commercial markets, quickly adapting to any changes and innovations. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, operators and providers of casino products such Play and Play Casinos( instantly assessed the prospects for online operation and were the first to launch a large-scale digitization of the entire industry.

VR Technologies in Online Casino

The first casino that began to offer users a game in virtual reality was the Spanish institution Slots Million. It has been operating since 2015 and offers users to play dozens of 3D slots and various games at the virtual table, both alone and with friends of up to 20 people. Subsequently, this trend spread among other European and Asian gambling establishments, continuing to gain momentum.

How do VR Casinos Attract Players?

The first is one hundred percent immersion in the game reality. A gambler, armed with VR glasses and a controller, receives emotions similar to those that he could feel in a real institution.

The second is direct interaction with other participants in the process. Virtual gambling establishments quickly realized that contact with the dealer is important for users, so they began to hold games at the tables in the format of broadcasts: players write to each other and the croupier in the chat, and the casino employee responds to them on camera, simultaneously handing out cards. In this case, the player could not communicate with “colleagues”, and the transfer of the process to virtual reality solves this problem.

The third is the ability to experience tactile sensations. Money or chips that a casino client can touch, albeit virtually, become more real than the funds displayed in the user's personal account. Advanced VR graphics players feel the same as in a land-based casino, but the range of games remains at the level of virtual gambling establishments. All this guarantees club owners customer engagement, and also increases the chance that gamers will return to them again.

In the metaverse, the gambling industry will be able to reach a new level, since users will be able to virtually visit not just casinos, but the best gambling establishments from around the world – to visit Las Vegas, living in any corner of the planet.

Blockchain Online Casino Technologies 

Every online casino operator aspires to provide high security, transparency and sheer anonymity of transactions. That is what the majority of players around the globe wish. The bigger the level of security for the player, the more trust the casino inspires in gamblers. Respectively, this kind of operator will be on demand. What are the pros of blockchain technology for clients?

It let players  to replenish deposits with cryptocurrencies and withdraw winnings, including all main cryptos. Of course, at the moment the most popular is bitcoin, although another crypto is already spreading around the world. Cryptocurrencies are a helpful decision for players to always keep track of their transactions.

What's more, blockchain also permit online casino platforms and apps to offer their users a personalized experience in processing their transactions. All this allows you to increase the trust of users, providing them with safe and anonymous access to the virtual side of gambling.

NFT Products in the Niche of the Casino Online

Independent tokens, originally created for collectors and artists, quickly gained popularity in completely different commercial industries and received the status of one of the most promising and highly profitable digital assets.

The casino industry was one of the first to appreciate the promise of the technology. Operators have found the opportunity to use NFT in a variety of market segments: from the development of exclusive content to the introduction of blockchain technologies in bonus programs.

NFT can be used as a copyright certificate for the logo of the gaming company and other elements of the site design. Sale of unique tokens from the operator's logo contributes to the promotion of the brand and increases its recognition.

Exclusive digital assets can be used as branded casino merch. This can be either an independent company promotion program or part of a global customer retention strategy.

How NFT Games Work?

Despite the uniqueness of each individual component of the digital chain, all free tokens are eventually formed into a standard blockchain. The system is decentralized and does not have a single control node, so it is absolutely transparent and secure.

It is the technology of decentralization that underlies all NFL-games: from slots to poker and live content. The presence of blockchain components does not change the basic mechanics of casino products. In the end, the user receives the same interface and functionality as when launching a regular online machine. The main difference lies in the way information about winning combinations is processed and stored.

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