The Most Popular Table Games You Can Play at Casinos

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You hear the term “table games”, and you immediately think of blackjack, roulette, and poker, right? Why? There are all sorts of table games out there, so why does our mind always immediately jump to these ones? Perhaps that is because they are the most popular casino games available at land-based betting sites and online? Join us as we explore the truth behind the most popular table games that you can play at online casinos in 2022.


Now, the title of the most popular table game is a contentious one. However, we feel confident about saying that blackjack wins the crown. There are simply more blackjack variants out there at online casinos than you will find for other games. Almost every major casino has at least ten if not more variants for you to choose from.


If there was a runner-up prize in online casinos, we’d say that the table game that would pick up the silver medal would be roulette. Again, there are plenty of roulette variants out there, even if there aren’t quite as many as there are blackjack games. You can nip into most casinos and readily find at least three main games – namely, American, European and French Roulette. Opt to play live dealer games, and there are often many more at your disposal.


Ordinarily, we would say that poker should fit in towards the top. Yet, it is online baccarat that proves the next most popular game with us. Why? Baccarat is a game that can be found at virtually every casino in both RNG and live dealer format. There may not be many variants of it floating about, but the game is an ever-present title in the casino world. That’s all it takes to be constantly in the public’s mind when they are thinking about playing games at online casinos.

Table Poker

As touched on, poker is surely at the top. After all, how many players watch and try their hand at the WSOP every year? The main reason for poker not scoring so highly with us is that these games tend to appear more regularly in poker rooms than online casinos. Sure, you’ll get the odd RNG game at casinos, but there aren’t as many live dealer poker games as possible at casinos. You’ll find way more in poker rooms, but we’re only really interested in casinos here.

Dice-Based Games

Finally, there is one other type of casino table game that is popular at betting sites, even if it is not as common as the others listed above. In fact, it isn’t one game at all but a series of games that include Craps, Sic Bo, Bet on Numbers and more. Of course, we are talking about dice games. These tend to be quite common at crypto casinos, but every casino worth its salt should at least have one to offer.

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