The Most Iconic Music Acts to Headline Las Vegas

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The Most Iconic Music Acts to Headline Las Vegas
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Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world and has played host to some of the biggest music acts of all time. Continue below as we look more closely at the most iconic music acts to headline Las Vegas.

There is one man who has to kick things off and his name is Frank Sinatra. When people think of Las Vegas, they still think of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, such is the influence they had on the city. Sinatra performed for over three decades in La Vegas and all he had to do was enter a room and you could feel the anticipation. Travel back to the early and mid-1960s and Sinatra performed in the Sands’ Copa Room, along with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Sinatra’s iconic fedora is still copied today and in the words of director Billy Wilder, “Wherever Frank is, electricity permeates the air. It’s like Mack the Knife is in town, and the action is starting.”

When discussing the top music acts to perform in La Vegas, Elvis Pressley comes close to being the best of all time. Having initially been a flop at the New Frontier in the 1950s, Elvis returned in 1969 at the International Hotel and became one of the most iconic musical performers in history. Elvis played more than 800 shows at the International Hotel and many of his greatest moments came in-front of his fans in Las Vegas.

Today we have several outlandish musical performers but back in the 1950s, before the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis, we had Liberace. He quickly earned the title “Mr. Showmanship” thanks to his flamboyant dress and style of performance. Liberace became the highest paid entertainer in the world during his time in Las Vegas and could command $50,000 a week when performing at the Riviera, which was an extraordinary amount of money. Liberace was a highly skilled piano player and would perform what could be classed as tricks on the piano, sometimes playing so quickly his fingers were a blur of speed.

In terms of the more modern performer, Celine Dion had enjoyed two residences in Las Vegas since 2003. Dion chose to perform in Las Vegas in her prime and in doing so, she has broken all sorts of records for ticket sales on the Strip. Dion has one of the finest voices to ever grace the stages of Las Vegas and she continues to perform in the city.

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