The link between online gambling and Formula 1

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The link between online gambling and Formula 1

Car racing and gambling – It would seem that these two entertainment spheres are in no way connected with each other. However, back in 2016, when it only became known about the planned purchase of Formula 1; American company Liberty Media, its executive director Greg Maffei announced the development of the project in the digital sphere. Gambling and virtual reality have been announced as one of the potential areas for the development of this sport.
There is nothing surprising in the desire to enter the digital market, because today many corporations receive the lion's share of their profits through the sale of goods and services on the Internet. This has become especially relevant in the last couple of years in the light of the events unfolding in the world and the transfer of a number of areas of life to an online format. Gambling is no exception in this sense: virtual entertainment platforms offer casino free spins to players, and bettors – sports betting free bets to attract and retain customers. In general, there is no fundamental difference between sports betting and casino betting – it's just a matter of taste. And racing, like any other sport, can easily be turned into gambling entertainment if you offer fans not just to watch the events, but to place bets on a potential winner.


The main thing that unites the game in an online casino and Formula 1, – it is, of course, passion. Whether you're watching the Grand Prix on TV or from the podium, or just reading the news – in any case, fans are always not indifferent to the successes and defeats of their favorite teams. The most adventurous fans of this sport make bets at bookmakers, which further fuels interest, because it is not only about sympathy, but also about money.

The same can be said about casinos: although entertainment platforms offer a free game in demo mode, users, of course, prefer to play for money. The risk in this case increases the degree of interest, forcing the client to experience genuine emotions: a thirst for victory, annoyance from defeat and glee from winning. Exactly the same spectrum of emotions is experienced by sports fans, watching the race and empathizing with the favorite team.


Yes, yes, sports – this is also a common link between gambling and car racing. And if with “Formula 1” everything is clear, then not everyone understands how online casinos relate to sports. Meanwhile, today many entertainment resources offer users not only video slots or table games, but also virtual sports. This entertainment appeared not so long ago and allows you to simulate sports events in an animated and close to reality form. In addition to football, horse racing and dog racing, the software also includes racing simulators. Before the race, the player is invited to place a bet on the winner, after which they show a short race, the results of which are determined using a random number generator. Thus, the user gets the opportunity to place bets on sporting events without waiting for the real Grand Prix, to watch realistic and unpredictable races, and also to receive winnings from bets that have played.


Casinos, like racing, have a long history. The first games of chance for which dice were used must have appeared at about the same time as horse racing and chariot racing. Subsequently, both entertainments have undergone significant changes: races began to take place on cars, and casinos moved to the virtual space.
One way or another, if the first “one-armed bandits” appeared at the end of the 19th century, the history of Formula 1 begins only 20-30 years later, with the European Grand Prix motor racing championship. The rules for the Grand Prix, then called “Formula A”, were promulgated by the International Automobile Federation a year after the end of World War II, and already in 1950 the first world championship among racers was held. Since then, the regulations for the races have changed several times, but one condition remained unchanged: the teams are required to use cars of their own production for races. Since the founding of “Formula 1” to this day, the participants continue to produce original technical solutions, driving progress in the field of mechanical engineering.


As you know, every season the pilots of the “Formula 1” compete for the world title by scoring points in Grand Prix races. Constructors, in turn, compete for the Constructors' Cup, receiving points scored by both pilots for the race. This mechanic is very similar to the rules of online casino tournaments, when users play certain slots and accumulate points for winnings. Competitive moment – an important component of both sporting events and gambling entertainment, as they add fire and kindle the thirst for victory over rivals.


there is even an F1 casino whose pages are filled with Formula 1 symbols, and upon registration the player is invited to become a member of one of four famous teams. Obviously, the creators of this site tried for car racing fans and wanted to emphasize the similarity of two seemingly dissimilar entertainments. By the way, many gaming resources also provide bookmaker services, allowing customers to spin the reels of video slots and place bets on Grand Prix winners in one place.

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