The Handicapping Best of the Best Ride Into Las Vegas for 2021 NHC

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The Handicapping Best of the Best Ride Into Las Vegas for 2021 NHC
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The National Horseplayers Championship begins Friday at Bally’s in Las Vegas. The biggest handicapping tournament in North America plugs forward 18 months after the 2020 NHC got in under the COVID wire. 101 of the players qualify with the maximum two entries, and 15 more qualify in a "Last Chance/Next Chance" Thursday tournament. There are only 600 participants in the N HC, which is down from the nearly 600 in 2020.

The Handicapping Best of the Best will be held in Las Vegas for 2021. The winner of this year's NHC will get an Eclipse Award. Last year, the winner Thomas Goldsmith won the tournament. The tournament format remains the same. Players begin with mythical $144 bankrolls and must make a single $2 wager on 18 Friday races.

The NHC field cuts to the top 10% of players. The top players meet at the Final Table on Sunday afternoon. There will be seven races that decide the N HC champion. Nobody has won the title more than once.

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