The Gambling Situation in Norway

The Gambling Situation in Norway
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There are gambling fans in pretty much every corner of the world. Unfortunately, not all of them get to enjoy their favorite hobby. There are regions where gambling is outlawed, and there are places where you are free to play whatever you like. However, we are seeing trends that online gambling is slowly getting accepted in countries and states where it used to be illegal.  Lots of European countries have both online and land-based gambling, and here we will be focusing exclusively on Norway. Let’s see what sets it apart from the rest and what is the current gambling situation there.

Gambling Entertainment Available in Norway

The truth is that Norwegian gamblers have access to an array of online casino sites. However, they are heavily advised to only use state-owned online casino Norway platforms. Many gamblers who want to play at a new casino in Norway go to the ToppCasinoNorge platform to find reliable operators. These are all licensed sites owned by foreigners and those who want to experience more than online slots Norway casinos offer turn to these options.

Is it Legal to Play on Online Casinos Sites?

Technically, the only legal online casino in Norway sites are the ones offered by Norsk Tipping AS. They are the only company that is legally allowed to host this entertainment. That being said, authorities do not pursue people who opt for foreign operators. This means you can access the new casino site from and you won’t get in trouble. That being said, the regulators took some steps to make it difficult for users to access or play on these platforms.

History of Casino Entertainment in Norway

Gambling has been legal here for decades but the state decided to monopolize it. Norsk Tipping is the major player in the market and it has been ever since 1948. Norge betting entertainment, lottery, and a variety of games that allow you to make money online in Norway are offered by them. The idea is to use all of those funds for the betterment of local culture, sports, and the economy in general.

The Norwegian government went a step further and created regulations that basically deter foreign operators from operating in Norway. In 2017 they even made it more difficult for citizens to play on foreign gambling sites by refusing to process those payments. They even banned commercials that come from abroad and advertise gambling.

Another interesting fact from recent history has to do with slots. Slot machines were made illegal in 2007 and brought back in 2009. They are called ITV or interactive video terminals.

Finally, poker is legal in private homes, so long as these are low-stakes games. Also, in 2014 National Poker Championship was also legalized.

Cryptocurrencies Are a Game Change

Even with all of the methods to suppress foreign gambling sites, casino fans still managed to access them. Cryptocurrencies play an important role in this arrangement, as they don’t rely on bank payment routes. Nowadays, lots of foreign operators accept payments in crypto, and this is actually the fastest and cheapest way to transact online. That being said, the market is far from stable, and recent events only serve as a reminder. So, it seems you are taking a risk even trading nowadays, as the values of cryptos tend to fluctuate frequently.

Lack of Land-Based Casinos

Those who prefer online casinos Norway has to offer aren’t really affected by this, but many gamblers love to socialize. The ITVs are available in pubs and restaurants, but they aren’t exactly a replacement for a casino. Even live dealer games aren’t available, which is another reason why users often gravitate toward foreign operators.


On the one hand it is good that the state can use all the money for the betterment of the country. From that angle, a monopoly on gambling isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, many are encouraged by this fact to spend more, as they feel like they are donating. However, the quality of content can suffer in this case. With a lack of competition, there is no need to create engaging promotions and bonuses. Moreover, there is no need to create better content for the users.

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