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There has long been a direct linkage between the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the elegance of the casino – whether basing a movie on the casino environment or the idea of emulating the lifestyles of the rich and famous. This article looks at how these associations have developed and expanded over time.

The entertainment choice among the rich and famous
It used to be that the casino was the fanciest of places to be frequented by the rich and famous – similar to the Hollywood glitz and glamour that was available to movie stars and celebrities out there. There have been changes in both forms of entertainment – casinos and movies – as social media, reality television, and films made for a more immersive and realistic version of Hollywood. The internet has furthermore allowed the casino to be democratized, and you now don’t have to be able to afford to travel to Vegas to play in the best casinos in the world. The trend to play and access the casino as a favored pastime has gone mainstream. It is also a trend that has gone online, thanks to the internet and technological advancements.

An excellent theme for the movies, big screen, and television alike
The casino has been a mainstay in the movie space for a long time, from the earliest Spaghetti westerns with poker and roulette to the latest James Bond offerings with the casino or the high-risk card game as the central theme. There are also movies that are based in or around the casino. The ability to transfer the casino’s magic through the screen has arguably made it a movie fan favorite.

The casino is a theme and a pastime that thus reaches around the globe, and as the internet improves, you will be able to find a professional online casino wherever you are, whether it’s the best online casino for Australian players or a Las Vegas land-based casino, you will now be able to find the same games/type of games in both – spreading these themes even wider.

Live streaming and the online casino
It has become incredibly popular to stream live play at online casinos – just as people log on to their favored social media sites to watch short-form video clips and reality videos or access platforms such as Twitch to watch others play games. This has become a popular form of entertainment and allows those interested in the hobby to watch others play casino titles and learn as many tips and tricks as possible – and all in real-time.

The casino is very much part of popular culture, and there are games that are played around the world or variants of the same game developed for regional tastes. Movies and the way that they are made and shared have changed significantly over time, and we are now in an age where this casino theme and the entertainment it provides, as well as the movies, videos, and clips that showcase this theme, are now all online for all to enjoy – no matter where someone is based.

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