The benefits of live dealer casinos

Before going into the details of live dealer casinos, it is important to note that, no licensed casino can offer live tables.

What is a live dealer casino

A live dealer casino differs from online casinos with random systems, as online casinos make use of a human dealer or croupier, allowing players to interact with them.

Difference between online casino and live dealer casino

Interacting in real time with a dealer, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of a traditional casino without leaving their home is the main feature that separates the online casino from the live dealer casino.

There is a large offer of legal casinos that offer this gaming option and make the gaming experience more personal and “human”.

Advantages of Live Dealer Online Casino


Deposit and withdrawal modes

Easy registration

Otherwise, the cost of a live dealer is less than the cost of a dealer in a land-based casino, which makes it possible for the “house” to offer a bigger bonus. For the player, privacy and convenience are the main benefits, as he will be able to play “away from the eyes of others”, wherever he is. With real gaming devices, the chances of winning real money are greater as it eliminates the random factor from the equation

Without forgetting the realism that a dealer brings to the casino, restoring the atmosphere of a traditional casino, especially in table games, where their presence is essential.

Software is a central part of a casino, whether online, live or traditional

In the case of a live dealer casino, the software is even more crucial, as it must take into account the quality of the transmission, the speed of data processing, the security of bets and personal data and the gaming experience, among others.
What games do live dealer casinos offer

The possibility of “entering” a live online casino and being able to play Roulette, Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat at tables like those used in classic casinos, with real cards dealt and with a human dealer operating the roulette wheels, is the future of online casinos.

– Live Roulette – the player sees the roulette spin in real time, using real roulette as used in land-based casinos.

– Live Poker – Allows, as in the other games mentioned here, a direct and live interaction between the dealer and the player.

– Live Blackjack – get ready for a new blackjack experience, with a dealer dealing the cards instead of the online device and with the excitement at your fingertips for not going over twenty-one points.

– Live Baccarat – Once again the thrill of the dealer pulling the cards is the strong point of live play.

Watching cards be dealt through a computer simulation or watching a live dealer deal make live dealer games much more exciting, fun and exhilarating.

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