Svend Aage Kirk: "Safer gambling is no longer a tick box exercise"

Author: Live Casino Direct
Svend Aage Kirk: "Safer gambling is no longer a tick box exercise"

Svend Aage Kirk has had a successful career in a range of fields. He was CEO of TurnAvisual before focusing on gambling in 2017. In 2018, he co-founded Mindway AI, a tool which helps operators and companies to spot early signs of gambling addiction. Kirk joined SG:certified earlier this year.

Svend Aage Kirk is the CEO of His company's vision is to make the gaming industry more sustainable. The platform uses a proven four step process to help companies achieve its safer gambling, ESG certification and/or sustainability goals with ease.

A few years ago, the founder of invited him to join the team. He was inspired by her passion about making the industry more sustainable.

Svend Aage Kirk believes that the conversation around safer gambling has moved on a lot in recent years. Regulators have increased their focus on sustainability in gambling and made it a more integral part of their reviews. However, there is still a long way to go in the industry as technology continues to change.

There are three main issues that need to be addressed on an industry level: gambling related harm, corruption in sport and environmental impact. Svend Aage Kirk believes that early detection and intervention is the most important. He believes the law will take environmental issues more seriously in the future. SG:certified is passionate about this issue and is ready to help key players raise their game. SvEND AAGE KIRK: "Safer gambling is no longer a tick box exercise".

Svend Aage Kirk is a judge on the Casino Guru Awards panel. He is looking for a company that can show the impact it's having.