Stolen bank card used for online gambling rewards

Stolen bank card used for online gambling rewards
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Alice Claire Guthrie, 34, of Timaru, took the ANZ Visa card from the Old Bank Bar and Restaurant on October 8, 2022, and used it the following day at Z Caroline Bay, spending $74.80; then on $10 Toyl​ Rewards at an online gaming website; $40 Ilixium rewards at an online gambling website and a further $40 in gambling rewards through Burlex Enterprises.

Guthrie admitted a representative charge of taking a document to gain pecuniary advantage when she appeared before Judge Quentin Hix in the Timaru District Court on Tuesday.

Guthrie’s lawyer, Kelly Beazley, said her client was on a benefit but could afford to repay any reparation at $15 a week.

“I see there are challenges going on in your life that are behind all of this,” Judge Hix said to Guthrie.

Judge Hix sentenced her to nine months supervision and 60 hours community work.

“Please see this as me trying to help you,” Judge Hix said.

Although the total amount spent by Guthrie with the card was $164.80, Judge Hix only ordered reparation of $74.80 to Z Caroline Bay.