Some Twitch Influencers Talk Up Crypto Casinos

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Some Twitch Influencers Talk Up Crypto Casinos
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A petition has been created to ban content creators who talk up crypto casinos on Twitch. US officials are cracking down on such casinos. In April, state securities regulators in Alabama and Texas issued cease-and-desist orders against a company that was selling NFTs in order to operate crypto casino in the metaverse.

Advertising on Twitch is being played next to broadcasters promoting unregulated online casinos.

Erin Jordan started a petition on It claims that Twitch is allowing content on its platform that promotes crypto casinos and that that content is being viewed by minors.

As of December, reported that the streaming service's 31 million-member daily audience includes children. Dragonborn1212 wrote about seeing a crypto betting site video in seventh grade and gambling on the site two days in a row.

The petition is not the source of the information. Erin Jordan's profile shows a silhouette photo above the words “United States” and the same photo appears in an Erin. Jordan YouTube profile. The video features a computer-generated male voice and urges viewers to visit Ban.Gambas registered in Iceland.

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