OpenBet casino games feature household names, high-tech effects

If you’re a serious online casino player, remember the name “OpenBet,” a mark soon to be associated with top-quality games in the internet slots world. Play classic fruit machines or special effects-laden slots based on science-fiction blockbusters and Clint Eastwood flicks. Most OpenBet games contain bonus rounds and free spins aplenty.
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High-quality and exciting game choices provided by OpenBet software

OpenBet software has an admirable catalogue of casino games which run the gamut from science-fiction movie-themed video slots to pub fruity slots. And wow, what a stable of brands they’re building there, too.

Check out great games based on spaghetti Westerns The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Magnificent Seven; the pinker-than-thou Legally Blonde; action gigs Robocop and Highlander; game shows like The Price is Right and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The list of great slots games at OpenBet-powered online casinos goes on and on.

You are not going to be overwhelmed with the visuals of Open Bet games, but you will surely be impressed by the themes and titles of the games.  How do you compete with The Good, The Bad and The ugly, The Magnificent Seven and The Price is Right.  All three of these games would be at the top of any developers list to have, but Open Bet has made a great movie in acquiring these rights.  It’s hard to compete with the Wild West and cowboys, especially if one of them is Clint Eastwood.

Open Bet seems to want to spread themselves out among the online gambling crowd.  Not just a video slot developer, they have everything from blackjack, to bingo and even have a great selection of scratch cards.  Along with their popular casino games, Open Bet has kept their selection of games varied but simple.  Instead of loading up on the 3D graphics, they have out their focus on some outstanding themes and a diverse selection. 

Times are changing and online games have become more like video games, but fortunately for us there are developers such as Open Bet who provide a mix of good solid online games.

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