CTXM software: Fifty games’ worth of exciting action at the online casino

For novelties such as Russian Poker, a Farmville-based slot and the “FreakyPot” progressive jackpot feature, you’ll want to try CTXM online casino games. CTXM has produced a quality set of some four dozen games that boast high-tech graphics and sound with perhaps a twist in gameplay along the way.
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Truly fantastical and unique slot machines and casino games by CTXM

Games Os (formerly CTXM) is one of those developers that does not have a familiar ring, but no doubt has a presence in the gambling community.  Not content with just focusing on one type of game, Games Os offers a wide swath of options for those demanding players.  Going beyond the usual video slots or classic slots, this developer offers everything from arcade games, to bingo and even that exciting outside past-time of horse racing.

In the online world, many of their video slots are what really stand out, especially with their progressive jackpot, aptly named Freaky Pot.  Many of their games offer this feature which adds to an already smorgasbord of features and bonuses.  Their FarmSlot which was inspired by the Facebook app Farmville is one of those slots which will give the company a positive presence in the online gaming community. 

Don’t be afraid to take a look at some of their table games as well, as each one offers a variety of winning opportunities.  Rarely a company that focuses on so many types of games is successful, but Games Os has certainly proven this point null and void.

Try a CTXM casino game or two for a unique experience at an internet outlet. Nothing but solid plays comprise the CTXM catalogue, making for an excellent time on your next visit!
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