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Online slots tournaments: Bigger all the time

Combined with the ever-present cliché-bad economic downturn still, well, down turning, the announcement of the world’s first single-tournament $1 million winner has sent the message to online casino-goers: Slots tournaments are here to stay, and they’re an economical way to play.

The aforementioned $1 million winner – in actuality, he became the first €1 million winner as well, having received his winnings in that monetary denomination, like such a cashin requires a few extra hundred thousand George Washingtons – was crowned champion of the Grand Slam of Slots, the largest- and longest-running single competition for slots anywhere. For $10 in a satellite tournament (and the charms of Lady Luck at precisely the right time, of course), user Pattoned took home the proverbial life-changing loot over 25,000 players.

Imagine that: 25,000 players. And those are only the online slots players who won satellite tournaments to get into the Grand Slam! Factor in all those who participated early on in the six-month quest but didn’t qualify and Microgaming racked up, what, maybe one million entries for the competition?

For the online slots player with a competitive streak, there simply is no substitute for a good slot tournament. Vegas Technology- and Real Time Gaming-powered casinos are particularly good about scheduling lots of tournaments of variable length, e.g. daily, weekend, weekly, monthly, for all ranges of budget.

And the money is only the second-best part! The illusion in and of itself is fantastic enough to keep this player coming back. In a typical tournament with $2 stake, you’re playing with $200 in virtual chips. Whoa, is it fun spinning the reels for $20 ... real of fictional, the thrill of playing for real money remains. Plus, if you’re hell bent on spending your slots budget of $200, simply enter a whole bunch of tournaments!

Absolutely the coolest bit about online slots tournaments, however, is the leader board. Those of you who miss the glory-days days of softball, basketball, bowling, etc. – I know you’re out there, I can hear you wheezing – that leader board brings flashbacks to the most-removed former competitor out there.

Seriously, since the primary edict of the successful slots tournament player is an excised line from the oft-repeated “The Gambler” (“You gotta ... know when to walk away...”), once you’re looking at a bankroll increase of, say, 50%, you’re checking that leader board to find the top slot dog up there. And to make a profit, you need only put on a decent show if you’ve half an eye on the ‘board.

Playing in an online slots tournament could actually assist with your other slot playing, which is to say “maintaining the bankroll.” At a single-figure price, the slots tournament allows you to apply Zeno’s Modified Slots Law (big gambler was Zeno), namely: “Start at X amount and spin through it. Put half your winnings aside when the original stake is gone; the other half becomes your next stake. Spin through it, put half aside, etc.”

The other money-management law for online casino slots players is, of course, “Knowing when to run.” Don’t you want to win? All you need is one good spin. However, once scoring that $10,000 payout – even if it is just tourney money and not honest-to-Aristocrat cash – the temptation to merely blow off a couple thousand for the thrill is typically just that: blowing money away. In a slots tournament, such a drop could bump you from tournament leader to 10th place and maybe getting your entry fee back. Just as in “real life,” it ain’t worth it, pardner.

As for this writer, he’s particularly into the video poker tournament action, another burgeoning field in internet casino land. Would you believe it’s even more fun than playing with fruit machines? I can tell you personally that cheapie tournaments have protected my video-poker hating budget for some time now.

Tomorrow night when you’re bunkering down for some slots play, try an online slot tournament. Call it a twist on the new traditional.

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