Slots' coming attractions bring new ways to play

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Slots' coming attractions bring new ways to play
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Slot machine manufacturers strive to gain your attention and keep your play. Traditional reels  augmented by ever-changing themes and bonuses are one way to go about that. Every now and then, gamemakers go for something completely different.

Let's take a gander at a couple of new games on their way to casinos. Both were shown at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this autumn, and you can look for both to make a splash in casinos. One uses reels, paylines and extras, while the other aims for something new.

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS INSTANT WIN, Aruze Gaming: Part of Aruze's new series of Acti-Play games that emphasize player participation, Rock Paper Scissors drew big crowds in its debut at Circa casino in Las Vegas late in 2022.

Rock Paper Scissors features a lighted wheel with a dot-animation hand in the center.  Around the rim, the wheel is divided into segments showing potential win amounts. Two progressive jackpot levels are indicated by a diamond space and two ruby spaces.  

Players choose a bet size and push play to start the hand rapidly fluttering among rock, paper and scissors symbols. Then the player must choose one of three buttons featuring white-gloved hands, one in a fist to denote rock, one flat-palmed to show paper and one with two fingers in a "V" sign to indicate scissors.

Once you've made your choice, a random number generator tells the hand in the circle to stop on one of the signs. Bets are decided by rules of the age-old game: rock breaks scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper. If you tie, the game keeps your bet but increases the potential prizes in the wheel segments.