Šimon Vincze: I am motivated by work that has visible outcomes

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Šimon Vincze: I am motivated by work that has visible outcomes
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Casino Guru Sustainable & Safer GamblingLeadŠimon Vincze has recently spoken to AffPapa in an interview about the origins of the company, its mission, and how the website stands out from the competition in what is an increasingly competitive market. From the start, Vincze outlined two core tenets that had allowed Casino Guru to establish itself as a go-to information source for anything that pertains to online casinos.

One is the strong grasp of SEO principles, the way websites try to get to the top of results in search engines, and the other is what Vincze calls the company’s "no bullshit" policy. Vincze used the interview to dig deeper into the way Casino Guru ensures impartiality when listing casinos and assigning a rating to each.

The company works with both an affiliate team and a data team, with the latter tasked with updating the list of casinos. Vincze similarly explained that ratings are independently assignedbased on robust rating principles that Casino Guru staffers meet to the letter. But the success of the website and the company go well beyond simply attempting to replicate others.

Casino Guru, which entered the affiliate and iGaming space relatively late compared to other established market leaders, has focused on one of the most ambitious community-building exercises in the industry, amassing an impressive following on its social media and particularly forums. In Vincze’s words, the website dedicated a fair amount of time to create a "safe community that fosters honesty and engagement."

Consumer feedback has proven increasingly helpful in determining what consumers look for in a casino. Casino Guru has, for example, developed strong instincts for good and bad casinos, reviewing key metrics that can reliably rank casinos. The community and players are a big pillar of any successful affiliate project.

This is precisely what, Vincze believes, others come short of. Many companies lack the vision and mindset to carry through with a long-term project. However, this invites its own risks as promoting unreliable and untrustworthy brands usually backfires.

It’s the players who bury such projects. In a sense, players are the benchmark that every good affiliate should aspire to. But Casino Guru has done more than just build a community and assigncasino ratings. It has taken its success over the past years and channeled it into new endeavors that allow the company to continue and aspire to improve the gambling industry for all.

Working with insights and data from the gambling industry, Casino Guru has embarked on the Casino Guru Academy project, designed to train online casino operators’ employees at first, but now looking to scale past that audience. The project reflects Casino Guru’s deeper desire to consistently improve standards across the industry.

There are challenges still, Vincze acknowledges. For one, players tend to be a bit reluctant when they must address the downsides of gambling head-on – for many of them, the issue is boring, and they just want to have fun. Casino Guru though has long realized that by shifting the focus onto operators, the company can help contribute to a safer gambling environment for all.

All of this has resulted in a positive shiftamong operators and iGaming stakeholders who seem to be than they have been in the past. Vincze feels confident and satisfied with his work as the efforts the team has been putting in have visible outcomes that motivate him to continue his mission – which is the company’s mission – to make gambling better for everyone.