Real Dealer Introduces Second Blackjack Addition to Portfolio

Author: Live Casino Direct
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Olivia is a private dealer based in the Monaco casino circuit. She hosts some of the most memorable Random Number Generator Live Casino experiences.

Real Dealer Studios has developed a unique gaming technology that creates Hollywood-like experiences. In Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia, players will get treated to a VIP experience brought to you directly from the exclusive clubs of Monaco. Olivia is portrayed by a professional actress. Vinnie Jones BlackJack was hosted by the actor himself. The production of each game in the company’s portfolio requires the work of professional actors, entire production crews, and directors.

Shane Cotter, the CPO at Real Dealer Studios, hailed the new game Olivia. It's a continuation of the Vinnie Jones title introduced last year. There's more coming, with another Ultimate Blackjack game hosted by an actress called Rachel slated for release in March.

Olivia delivers a powerful performance as a blackjack dealer.

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🚨NEWS🚨 Real Dealer Studios has followed up its Vinnie Jones series with another Blackjack title, releasing Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia to extend its classic casino portfolio.

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