Rating of the Best Gambling Comics in Canada

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Rating of the Best Gambling Comics in Canada
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The number of online casinos has increased. Gambling is an enjoyable way to earn some money. LeafletCasino service recommends the best gambling comics for Canadians. i in this article, the specialists of the LeaflettCasinos service will review the best casinos comics that you can watch if you are from Canada.

A gambling comic is a comic book that revolves around gambling. Japanese manga is the most popular type of comic books about punting. The best gambling comics in Canada are listed here. They are mostly inspired from DC comics. The list includes comics with gambling themes.

Ji-Woo is a famous manga about a guy with the ability to see through objects. He is interested in poker and he becomes a pro at it.

Akagi is a popular manga series starring Shigeru Akagi, a young boy who defeats yakuza members at mahjong at the age of 13. Later on, he also beats Iwao Washizu, who has become rich by making fraudulent deals in the post-war era. Mahjong is betting game of Chinese origin, played with 144 tiles, and requires 4 players.

Tomu Shirasagi is an exchange student at Shishidou. He wants to bring the school down.

The series is set in a dystopian society, in the Hyakkoku Private Academy where elite students are taught the art of deception. The students who are bad at punting are mistreated by the better players. Yureko Jabami, a transfer student, manages to defeat some of the most talented tricksters at the school.

Roulette is a supervillainess who owns her own casino called “The House”. She abducted the members of the Justice Society and made them fight each other. Roulette was named one of Canada's best gambling comics.

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