Q&A with Industry Insiders: The Future of Gambling

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Q&A with Industry Insiders: The Future of Gambling

The global explosion of online gambling is there to stay as it is not expected to slow down any time soon.

This is what Bailey Levon, one of the leading online casino bloggers from New Zealand, said in a Q&A with NicheGamer. Levon believes the future is rich for those that have turned their attention to online gaming with a particular focus on live human interaction and jackpot slots. He also states that gambling will explode in the next few years as more regions plan to legalize online gambling, either sports betting, casino games, or both.

The online casino industry has everything that it needs to become one of the most lucrative industries in the world and it is therefore far away from reaching its full potential. Here is what the New Zealander has to say about the future of (online) gambling.

NicheGamer: Could You Give Our Readers a Brief Introduction of Yourself and What You Do? — And What Kind of Casino Games Can We Get Ready For in the Next Years?

Bailey Levon: Thanks for having me. I’m a gambling enthusiast from New Zealand where I’ve been working in the online casino industry for 9 years now. Currently, I do so in the online casino affiliate industry with a focus on New Zealand, providing gambling enthusiasts with the best online casinos websites and casino bonuses.

As for your questions about the casino games we can expect. Everyone still loves slots and this won’t change. Slots seem to be a major favorite of gamblers all over the world which is to the liking of online casinos as players cannot influence the outcomes of the game as slots are fully random. Slots will continue to play a significant role in the future of the online gambling industry, but we can expect some major changes in 2023, especially where jackpot slots are concerned. In 2022, major game developers like Relax Gaming have renewed their progressive jackpot network while Microgaming’s WowPot jackpots are close to beating records that were set by their own Mega Moolah sister jackpots.

The concept of jackpot slots has been around for a few decades now and they try to reinvent themselves by implementing new features and mechanisms. The ones that are on the horizon also look to change the industry with major progressive and in-game jackpots.

NicheGamer: Which Countries Have The Most Gambling Potential?

Bailey Levon: Although some countries explicitly prohibit their citizens from participating in gambling, others will be hopping on board in 2023. Although legal on a federal level, gambling laws in the United States for instance are decided upon on state level. This means that some Americans can legally make their wagers in local online casinos while others must search for offshore casinos and betting sites to get their kicks.

Among the possible changes in gambling, this year more states in the US will continue to lift their bans on online casinos and sportsbooks. Logically, some states are more flexible than others to open the gaming industry to their citizens. The more conservative regions have proven to be a lot more difficult to sway, with the state of Utah strongly opposed to any form of betting. It’s not just the US though that will be hoping to see their gambling laws to be relaxed as the same thing is happening in Canada. Then we also have Japan that seems to be moving toward an overall change in attitudes towards betting.

NicheGamer: What is Expected for Poker?

Bailey Levon: When we’re talking about the future of (online) gambling, it might be difficult to see how some games we once loved have lost their popularity. With that being said, one of the most important changes in gambling in 2023 will stand for yet another drop for poker. This is particularly the case for Texas Hold ‘em, which once dominated the industry of online gambling. With most of the best online casinos now offering ultra realistic and high quality poker rooms, the demand for poker has still dropped for a number of reasons. More players want access to websites where they can play poker and other casino games as well such as slot games, table games, and live dealer games. Prohibited during years in the United States has led to a major drop and attention for other games of chance.

NicheGamer: Are Live Dealer Games Taking Over RNG?

Bailey Levon: Casino games have never been as much fun as today which is largely thanks to the introduction of live human dealers and game hosts via live streams. More players are catching on to this, which leads me to believe that they will also play a large part in the future of gaming. This is especially true for North America, as live dealers are not as widespread as in Europe yet. Americans and Canadians are still familiarizing themselves with online gambling, so now just imagine the potential when they start adopting live dealer games. As every year since its launch, live games will grow in popularity in 2023 and beyond. Whether this also means a bye-bye to RTG games? Let’s say that casinos think twice before they add a RNG table game to their lobby as the same game in a live setting is a lot more thrilling. Slots, however, and other categories that are not directly integrated into live dealer settings will be less affected by the shift to live casinos.

NicheGamer: What Do You Expect from Crypto?

Bailey Levon: Crypto is getting lots of attention for both the right and the wrong reasons. Despite its popularity, it has crashed numerous times in 2022 and despite its recovery in 2023, it is clear that crypto might just be a bit too volatile for casinos to invest in. Crypto casinos will continue to grow, but with rapidly changing exchange rates and the Curaçao gambling law to be updated before the end of the year, crypto casinos will turn out to be less interesting than before. While gambling licenses are now issued by private companies in Curaçao, the objective is to switch to a single governing body before the end of 2023.

As the new gambling law requires online casinos operators to be physically located on the island and rules are expected to become more stringent, online casinos will be less keen on applying for a Curaçao license. At the same time will people from regions that are blocked from signing up on international casino sites (such as Russian citizens), keep on searching for alternative ways to make their wagers with crypto being a valid alternative.

NicheGamer: Are There Any New Technologies We Can Expect in Gambling?

Bailey Levon: Not only do casino games evolve, the way to access them has changed throughout the last decade as well. First we found it special to be able to play slots on a computer, today, you can play whenever and wherever we want if we have a (mobile) internet connection and a device like tablets and cell phones. In 2023, smart watches will be added to the list of devices able to access online casinos. Providers are already thinking about how to integrate casino games and even sports betting into these gadgets. The increased number of users that want to access casinos on their watches have made sure operators went ahead and have taken advantage of this trend. Although it might not seem like the most adequate device for playing a slot game, it is no surprise to me that operators have started to jump into this market, as more and more consumers wear these watches and use them for multiple purposes — in line with how smartphones evolved.

NicheGamer: Has eSports Reached its Full Potential Yet?

Bailey Levon: As long as eSports continues to grow in overall popularity, so does the potential for making bets on eSports matches. Everywhere in the world, there are now betting platforms that feature betting on eSports matches, and many of them have unique bonuses that make them worth considering. Another reason that explains the popularity of eSports is that there is a lot of action within a very short period of time. The market for eSports is thanks to developments in tech and it is already a significant market. With eSports betting, bettors can place wagers on a range of games including FIFA, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Even TV channels have started introducing eSports betting as part of their premium packages. An important challenge that casino operators have is to avoid underage gambling as a lot of eSports enthusiasts tend to be in their teenage years.

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