The Dark Knight slot game

  • 07 Sep 2022 There was also an Australian player (who chose to remain anonymous) that pocketed a whopping $10.4 million Australian dollars whilst playing the Dark Knight slot. This game has since been discontinued as a result of licensing issues. Read more
  • 25 Aug 2022 You'll really feel the tension of living in Gotham City as you spin the reels in Playtech's The Dark Knight slots. The chaotic city serves as the game's backdrop, waiting for the next big crime wave - but luckily, Batman is ready to save the day. Read more
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Favorite Top Ten Movie Franchises: 1. MCU 2. Batman/Dark Knight 3. LOTR/Hobbit 4. Harry Potter 5. Star Wars 6. X-Men 7. Fast and Furious 8. Mighty Ducks 9. DCEU 10. SpiderMan

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🇦🇺 Australian crypto fraud up 36% in 2022 🚔 Australians have lost AU$242.5m to crypto fraud this year, up 36% from a year earlier. Read more ⤵️

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💰 Digital yuan finds support with Australian politician 🇦🇺 Australian politician seeks support for China’s digital yuan in Australia. Read more ⤵️

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Australians Lost Over $7.74B on Poker Machines Last Year

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Two-thirds of Australians Want Gambling TV Ads Banned. 74% of people polled supported the existing ban on tobacco ads on TV: