Planning a Trip to Vegas? 5 Heritage Sites to Visit On a Weekend Getaway

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Planning a Trip to Vegas? 5 Heritage Sites to Visit On a Weekend Getaway
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Las Vegas is an obvious choice for Santa Clarita residents looking for a weekend getaway. Sin City is not all extravagant hotels and neon-clad avenues. In this article, we take a trip back to the city’s past through five outstanding Vegas historic landmarks.

Little Church of the West was built in 1943 as a replica of a pioneer church. It is the oldest building on the Las Vegas Strip. The 1964 movie Viva Las Las shot the place to fame.

Las Vegas got its name in 1829 when a Mexican trade caravan explored the area to establish a commercial route to Los Angeles. The area was still part of Mexico until 1844, when it was integrated into the United States. Mormon missionaries established an adobe fort in the city, but they forcibly abandoned it in 1860. Nowadays, the remains of the Old Mormon Fort are the oldest historic building in Las Vegas.

The Hoover Dam is the world's most visited dam. It provided employment for workers during the Great Depression. The dam was the largest of its kind at the time of construction.

Golden Gate Casino was the first casino to open in Las Vegas in 1906. It is now both a museum and an entertainment venue. Online casinos offer a range of bonuses to get you started. No deposit casino bonuses allow you to try out the most exciting games without committing any money.

Neon Museum is a museum showcasing vintage neon signage salvaged from Caesars Palace and smaller hotels or shops. If you're traveling from Santa Clarita with guests, don't forget to bring all the essentials for a successful weekend getaway in Sin City.