Online Slot Games Inspired by TV Shows

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Online Slot Games Inspired by TV Shows

There are plenty of sub-genres when it comes to online slot games. We’ve got 3-reelers, 5-reelers, classic slots, VR slots, progressive slots, and anything in between, including slot games inspired by TV shows. Although these could effectively be considered a mix of multiple sub-genres, there’s so much of them out there that they deserve to have their own space.

But what makes them so appealing, and are they more than just one-trick ponies with fancy branding on them? Stay with us, and you’ll find out!

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Unsurprisingly, the ever-popular Netflix series got its own slot game. Designed and developed by Playtech, it’s an opportunity to submerge yourself in the daily life of a lifeguard that can best be illustrated with a trailer. The only question is, can they save you from a bad run?

This 5-reel 15-payline slot is the preferred choice for budget-oriented gamblers since it lets you play for as little as 25 pennies. On the convenience side of things, multiple things speak in its favor, including the fact that there is nothing to download if you want to play, not to mention the auto-spin feature that relieves you from the chore of having to click to initiate another round.

The game’s low-to-medium design means you have pretty decent chances of winning. On top of that, there are free spins that your casino of choice might award you, plus the ones you can win while playing the game. Of course, all the classic must-include elements also help you win, with examples including scatters and wild symbols.


If the Colombian narco cartel theme of the popular series gets you going, you will find plenty to love in Narcos, the slot game title. Story-wise, it follows the US law enforcement agencies trying to take down the infamous criminal organization. The game is faithful to the show, and the graphics are almost photo-realistic. To get a taste of it, make sure not to miss out on the show’s season 3 teaser.

To maximize your winnings, look for Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, the symbols that can multiply your bet by up to 15x. Following the theme, the DEA badge wild symbol can replace the standard ones and transform them into others to help you form a winning combination.

Every spin can randomly trigger a drive-by feature involving a speeding car pulling up behind the reels. Any symbols hit by the gunman are then transformed into wild symbols. To keep the gameplay varied and fun, other features include Locked Up, Free Spins, and others.

To recap, Narcos is a massive fan service, and its comic-book-style visuals, coupled with the salsa soundtrack, will feel right at home.


Hotline is a popular 5-reel 30-payline slot game by NetEnt that’s based on Miami Vice. Once you start playing, you will immediately recognize the relaxing 80’s vibe, its characteristic orange-pink sunsets, and the iconic synth-powered soundtrack. To keep things fresh and exciting, you can activate as many as three bonus features by playing the game.

The betting range is vast, so you can start with as low as 15 pennies and go up to 90. You can also choose the number of hotlines that could double or even triple your bet. For the technically inclined, an interesting aspect of the game is that the number of hotlines you choose directly affects the RTP of the game, with an RTP of 96.13% on the lowest and an RTP of 97.04% on the highest side.

If you want to win big, keep your eyes peeled for the red sports car that serves as the game’s wildcard symbol. It can substitute any other symbol in the game and, in doing so, help you form a winning combination. Since the game runs on HTML5 technology, there is nothing to install, and you can run it on your iOS and Android device as long as it has a modern browser installed.


Playing slot games inspired by popular TV shows created for the fans can take you places. Given how feature-packed they are and how much polishing has gone into them regarding their graphical presentation, it can be argued that even those who haven’t heard of the shows will find something for themselves.

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