New Nassau casino no gamble

New Nassau casino no gamble

Hofstra University president Susan Poser’s op-ed opposing Las Vegas Sands’ proposal at the Nassau Hub was curiously quiet on the important fact that the project would create thousands of good union construction jobs and long-term careers for Long Islanders and Hofstra graduates [“A casino at the Hub is a very bad idea,” Opinion, Jan. 17].

It is incredulous that a university president, whose mission should be to create career pathways for students, would instead create a roadblock for a project that would open doors to so many residents.

In 2023, as students and families continue to grapple with the burden of student loan debt for private universities such as Hofstra, union jobs and career pathways are critical opportunities that lead to real paychecks.

Poser may not realize that this proposal is the answer to many problems that she perceives, not their cause.

— Sharna Jenkins, North Baldwin

It’s inappropriate for Susan Poser to use her students as pawns in her effort to diminish the new proposal for the Nassau Hub.

Her claim that she’s protecting her students from a casino, which is only 10% of the plan, demonstrates that she appears out of touch with her student population. If students want to gamble, all they have to do is go on their smartphones to place a bet. Online gambling has escalated, and each student needs only a bank account number and a smartphone to participate in gambling from within a dorm room. At a casino, there is strict oversight and identification checks.

Instead of dismissing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the school and its students, Poser should work with Las Vegas Sands to ensure that the right protections and protocols are in place and negotiate to make sure that the Hofstra community benefits. Think of it: beautiful new hotel rooms for Hofstra families when they visit.

— Najee Hall, Uniondale

Islanders games, WrestleMania and Billy Joel concerts — for almost 50 years, Nassau Coliseum was the entertainment center of Long Island for many. Unfortunately, the development of UBS Arena meant, essentially, that chapter was over.

Now, developers want to build a casino near a middle school, high school, college, university, cancer treatment center, and children’s museum. I cannot think of a worse idea.

If Nassau County or town governments need money, they should not create more traffic and possibly more crime. If we need to develop the property, maybe we should build something we need — like veterans housing, youth sports facilities and senior housing.

Let’s create things to serve the community. Nassau deserves better.

— John B. Chiara, Garden City

The writer founded the Say No to the Casino Civic Association.

I thank Scott Rechler for informing us about the possible future of the Nassau Hub [“Finally, a chance to transform the Hub,” Opinion, Jan. 18]. I agree with him almost 100%, with the following reservations. First, there must be a direct connection to the Long Island Rail Road and a modern bus depot.

Second, this project must employ local people for temporary and permanent jobs, and they should be given preference over others. Low-cost, affordable housing should also be part of this development to help the local community.

The development must be encouraged to fund and support local schools in the Uniondale and Hempstead areas, including a partnership with Hofstra University and preferential rates for students and faculty.

It should also fund a permanent chair of gaming and economics to train future casino and hotel workers.

As a former Nassau resident and lifelong Long Islander, I know we must get this right for future residents. It could be a fantastic destination for all Long Islanders and a force for positive change and prosperity.

— Alan Cohn, Nesconset

Good luck to Las Vegas Sands as it pursues this casino project. Its proactive outreach and willingness to work with local leaders has demonstrated that it understands Long Island and, specifically, the needs of our community in Uniondale.

Many of us who live near the Hub are eager to see it become more than a slab of concrete. For years, we’ve been told of the potential of this site, and yet for years, it has remained a symbol of failure. We know that the right development in that spot could have a significant impact on our lives — but we’ve been waiting and waiting for the right partner.

I hope Sands is that partner. It has the resources to make this a beautiful flagship development that can offer Uniondale — and the rest of Nassau County — jobs, entertainment and the tools we need and want to enjoy life here.

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