Musicians that Gave Their Name to Casino Games

Author: Live Casino Direct
Musicians that Gave Their Name to Casino Games
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Ozzy Osbourne, Deadmau5 and Alice Cooper have all lent their names to some popular casino games.

Alice Cooper has lent his name to several online casino games. The Tome of Madness is a 5X% Alice Cooper slot with a RTP of 96.5%. The Reality Modifiers slot has RPs titled Temptation Room, Chamber of Horrors, Insane Asylum, and Dungeon of Horror.

Ozzy Osbourne's music is being used as a sponsor for Ozzy's official sponsored slots. The games are simply titled Ozzie Osborne. The artist's most recognizable symbols are accompanied by some of the artist’s most famous symbols.

In 2020, Deadmau5 will launch his own line of online casino games. The games will play the musician's songs during gameplay every time the player punches in their slot time. Dead maull's team has also incorporated visuals from his Cube v3 Tour into the gameplay to make the gaming more dynamic and exciting.

GunsRoses, Jimi Hendrix, and more have collaborated with online casinos for their slot games. Current pop/hip-hop musicians like Drake and Nicki Minaj are also known to be huge gambling enthusiasts.