Michigan Raids Uncover 100 Gambling Machines, $29,000

Author: Live Casino Direct
Michigan Raids Uncover 100 Gambling Machines, $29,000

Michigan police conducted raids at two locations, unearthing illegal gambling businesses which operated 100 gambling machines.

The April 27 raids in Michigan recovered 100 illegal gambling machines, $29,204 in cash and 62 gift cards to two Flint-based storefront casinos.

Six Genovese family members were arrested in connection with illegal gambling in Michigan. The MGCB initiated its investigation with the help of the Department of Attorney General after receiving a tip. Michigan legalized sports betting in December 2019. It is the first state to do so.

Lansing police and MGCB served search warrants to two alleged storefront casinos. One of them was in the Logan Square Shopping Center. The second one was 777 Games of Skill. Authorities found 62 machines and $91,532 in suspected illegal gaming profit. Michigan casinos must pay back gambling revenues.