Lotto: Tonight’s Powerball jackpot climbs to $16 million

NZ Herald
Lotto: Tonight’s Powerball jackpot climbs to $16 million
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Wednesday's draw skyrockets after the last draw went unstruck, Strike hits $500,000. Photo / NZME

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot has swelled to a massive $16 million after Saturday’s draw went unstruck.

The potential to become wealthy overnight tonight was a reality for two people who shared a $1m win on Saturday.

The lotto players from Auckland and Christchurch both took home $500,000 each from Lotto First Division.

Strike this evening has blown to $500,000 after rolling over at the last draw.

The chance of early retirement, the ability to give to charity or to treat friends and family to the ultimate indulgences will have many rushing to Lotto counters and MyLotto before the draw closes at 7.30pm.

The Herald recommends players check their tickets lest they go unaware of their potential winnings.

Just last week, one player had the surprise of his life when Lotto officials phoned him and notified him of his unclaimed millions.

The Ruapehu man spent two months oblivious of being a millionaire when he never checked his winning ticket online.

The last time someone won $16m from Powerball was in October, when a Wellington player won the First Division prize for lotto and Powerball.

If someone gets lucky tonight, they would be the seventeenth Powerball multimillionaire of the year.

$23m was scooped up by a syndicate of 24 players in September.

To join the ranks of the well-heeled, players can’t miss out on this evening’s draw.

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