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From its introduction in the New World, casino gaming has had something of a muddled history in the United States. By 1988, however, the great majority of states, via tribal governments, had received the federal OK to establish casinos on reservation land. Today, more than 500 casinos are operating in the U.S.; LiveCasinoDirect gives details on many within our pages.
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United States casinos – Listing and information on American casino gaming

The United States has a long and somewhat strange history, one often checkered by periods of heavy restriction and criminalization. In taking on questions of a moral dimension, such gaming had been made illegal throughout the country by 1900.

In 1931, the state of Nevada legalized games of chance but it wasn’t until the 1950s when Las Vegas rapidly expanded to become an international gambling capital that casinos truly reentered the American public consciousness.

What really made the popularity (and availability) of usa casino gambling boom however, was a piece of legislation known as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Thanks to certain federal-level rights granted Native American tribes, passage of this bill made placing casinos on reservation land easy; certain states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma – just to name a few – suddenly had dozens of gaming houses erected in the 1990s. Today, some 36 states have casinos operating within for a total of over 500 casinos nationwide.

In this section of LiveCasinoDirect, you will find our database of America’s casinos listed by state, complete with descriptions and contact information. Enjoy the gaming at one of these American casinos or go online an play at the best us online casino portals we suggest for their safety and good reputation.

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