Sports pub environment at the Connoisseur Club casino, London

Looking for a casino that offers the best of both worlds? Where classy and casual can share a table betting the odds that either one will bring in the big win. Connoisseur Club is a perfect casino hot-spot that allows the laid-back feeling but carries the serious game player advantages but also give novice players info on how to better their game.
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Connoisseur Club – Casino in downtown London near Kensington station

Connoisseur Club casino interior

At the Connoisseur Club casino, there is no membership required and those who never played certain games before can read about the basic rules from leaflets that are available in this club.

More like a sports bar feeling, this club offers 12 different kinds of beer and the dress code is relaxed casual with the exception that typical work labour clothes should be neat and tidy. There are a total of 28 real table games that are available and the expert staff will assist those who need help in a game or they can learn on their own from watching through example at the tables.

The games offered are all standard casino table games such as Poker, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Roulette. While there are also the old favorites like the slots but no fruit machines.

They also have a restaurant for those who like fine dining and the pricing is not bad at all considering the meals start at under £16 and still enjoy lamb cutlets, angus beef steak and even sirlion steak. Valet service is also available and they do have live entertainment.

The location is simple enough with the High Street Kensington metro station close by, but those who drive to the casino can still have their cars parked from the friendly staff in the valet service. For sure this is a special mixed version of a brick-and-mortar casino that can be fun to visit but doesn’t roll out the bells and whistles for the big visual impact much.

Just good, simple gaming for those who are serious about having a good time while still getting the real casino thrills. At certain times they do hold special tournaments and cash games offered at various times so it’s up to the visitor to see what strikes their interest. It’s worth the visit just to see how the tables are, being that there are 28 of them to chose from.

The option for live entertainment could be decent but there doesn’t seem to be much that is a focus for what kind of live entertainment given.

Address: 2-24 Kensington High Street / London

Clearly the restaurant at Connoisseur Club does have fine foods and a great selection of beer but may not provide the kind of upper-class service the high-rollers usually would like to see. This impression is more like those of the local casino that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes casino gaming.
Checking out the sports action while gaming at Connoisseur Club casino