Fancy a turn at the exclusive Clermont Club casino?

If fancy is in your book for a private members-only casino then Clermont Club has to be quite a select swanky spot if there ever was. Rather small but quite elegant in design, there is not much to the idea that this casino can offer to the young and hip crowd. Ideally, this casino would most likely appear to be an exclusive men’s club for high-rollers over 40.
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Clermont Club – Exclusive casino in downtown London, members-only

Clermont Club Casino

The origins of this old school gaming club started as a refurbished heritage house that once belonged to William Kent. It is built on the gardens that once were part of the Devonshire House, at No 44 Berkeley Square and today is considered one of England's finest casino clubs.

Games offered within the club are tailored to a well-developed taste for table games. Such classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, and Punto Banco are among the special selections of games in this exclusive establishment.

The interior design of this club looks more like a mini palace of sorts with several bits of extensive scenery very theatrical in effect borrowing much from baroque design. The high ceilings that stretch all the way to the roof are used to the full extent to create an effect that give the building a real sense of grandour. The staircase itself is copied from the staircase and landing found in the great hall of Holkham.

Entertainment areas of the Clermont include a cozy lounge bar which serves to be a nice place to have a drink or two in between games or in their dining area which is serving only the finest foods that most likely are quite pricey as their private wine selection list would be. While the application to join this select club is through a private deal, I'm sure they would cater to a specific lot that likes this type of game room feeling.

In addition to a lengthy application process, any person looking to get into this special kind of privacy can expect perhaps the level of visitor status but then again this is very exclusive to the members who like that separation of wealth classes.

Address: 44 Berkeley Square / Mayfair, London W1J 5AR
Phone: 44.20.7493.5587

The Clermont Club casino lacks the mega-splendour of the flashy casinos but also gives a private and ultra exclusive royalty image for those who do like this type of fancy setting in their gaming rooms. Also considering that it's right in the middle of London the location makes it perfect for those who are away from the hustle and bustle of the big town and transports guests back into a time when elegance was top priority.
Banking on elegance and exclusivity at the Clermont Club casino