A “Chinese Gold Room”, two bars and more at Aspers Swansea

Though this location for an Aspers casino opened in September 2007, there seems to be a dispute over the viable appeal of this casino or lack of interest due to the economy, it still remains open until the dispute is settled. Either way, this location offers a very different feel to ‘The Gate’ entirely with the addition of the Chinese Gold Room.
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Aspers Casino Swansea – Casino in the UK

Aspers Casino Swansea interior

Aspers Casino Swansea

From 2010, the launching of a new added area in Aspers Swansea is the Chinese Gold Room and is free for guests who enter, though the theme of the room tends to be aimed toward the Asian community who might enjoy Chinese newspapers, Chinese TV, and traditional Chinese games such as Mahjongg. If you enjoy Chinese tea and Chinese drinks, these are complimentary to the clients who come to play. And while there is a dedicated valet service on Sunday through Tuesday, 10pm-4am, it seems that this feature may be the reason this casino has had some fall-out due to this additional gaming room. The odd features of a Chinese gaming room in this casino make it look out of place and a bit muddied for hip culture in gaming rooms.
Besides the Gold Room, the casino also offers great poker games and tournaments through the entire month. They also hold a super poker league with their team of players competing for the prize pot £10,000 every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. They have all the poker games such as Texas hold ‘em, Omaha, and 3-card poker and also include a Bad Beat Jackpot for the Texas hold ‘em games. In addition they have included all the latest electronic games with some additional fun in store for players in an area that has a real retro Las Vegas look to it.

The restaurant and bars inside offer great drink specials and menu treats. In the center of the casino you’ll find Clary’s restaurant, which is only open Fridays and Saturdays but they still offer hot and cold snacks through the day at some very reasonable prices. There is a Welsh roast day every Wednesday from noon to 5pm starting at £5.95 for the main course and £2.95 for starter snacks.

As for bars, Aspers Swansea has two to choose from with Harry’s bar and Tanzibar. Weekends are filled with some fun offers to join them for a special Disco retro night in Harry’s Bar 7pm-2:30am Friday and Saturday nights and is the ideal place to hold special events from Sunday to Thursday. In Tanzibar, there are only live acts on the weekends but offers an extensive list of drink specials and also a big plasma TV to watch the live sporting events.

Address: Salubrious Place, Wind Street / Swansea SA1 1EE
Phone: 44.1792.484.750

The Aspers Casino Swansea not as grand as the Aspers ‘Gate’ casino but then again it does make use of the latest gaming tournaments, offers many kinds of offers for their exclusive club and offers loads of freebies.
Living the salubrious life at Aspers Casino Swansea