Land Casinos UK: Great gambling hosts nearly 150 casinos

The player on vacation will be hard pressed to miss gaming opportunities in Great Britain and the United Kingdom in general. And with more than 100 of the UK’s 150 or so land-based casinos on the biggest of British Isles, that’s the place to head for excellent gambling provided by international and local industry players.
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UK land-based casinos – Place to play in Scotland, England, Wales

As one of Europe’s great (if not the greatest) gambling cultures, it should come as no surprise that nearly 150 full-on casinos exist throughout the United Kingdom from far up north in Aberdeen through London on onto the south coast in places like Plymouth, Southampton and Brighton.

The fondness the British and their neighbors have for games of chance may be readily seen in virtually any pub throughout the country as seemingly every single watering hole has at least one fruit machine beckoning from the corner. Plus, this is the country that essentially created modern sports bookmaking and today is well noted for its extremely liberal online gambling policy.

Naturally, London features a fair share of casinos in the UK – about a dozen are based in the big city. Britain-based Genting Casinos alone runs The Colony Club, Crockfords, Cromwell Mint, the Palm Beach and Maxim’s Casino Club while big international players such as Harrah’s Entertainment (British division) run locations such as The Casino at the Empire, The Golden Nugget and the Rendezvous London.


Virtually any town of size hosts at least one casino in the United Kingdom. See our listings above to get some idea of what’s what in UK land-based casinos.
Enjoying the pints while playing at the casino in the United Kingdom