History, seaside and four casinos in European nation of Malta

For a country of just 121 square miles, Malta manages to pack in four casinos for locals and visitors to enjoy. While one of these – that located in Marsa – is mostly for horse racing enthusiasts, the other three provide great casino gaming in a picturesque little nation.
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Malta land-based casinos – Four outlets for casino gaming

One of the tiniest countries in Europe at just 121 square miles and a population of about 450,000, Malta nevertheless has some good options in land-based casinos.

The four gaming outlets in Malta are located in the cities of Marsa, St. Julians, St. Paul’s Bay and Vittoriosa (a.k.a. Birgu). While the Marsa Racetrack is, as the name implies, mostly dedicated to horse racing, the Dragonara Casino, Oracle Casino and Casino di Venezia are full-on gambling houses with a full supply of slot machines and traditional favorites.

After waves of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Angevines and Aragonese helped shape modern Maltese culture, ultimately the Order of the Knights of St. John, having been expelled from Rhodes by the Ottoman Empire, was given the land to reestablish themselves. What? Didn’t want a history lesson? Well, we gotta fill this space somehow…


Visit the Marsa Racetrack, Dragonara Casino, Oracle Casino and Casino di Venezia in lovely and historic Malta – you’ll be glad you did.
Playing with the Knights of St. John in Malta’s land-based casinos