Entertaining casino goers since 1921: Casino de la Vallée

Now this is what one visits Italy for: Beautiful environment, great customer service and top-quality fun. Since 1770, Saint-Vincent has attracted visitors and the Casino de la Vallée has been in business continuously since 1947 with roulette at the center of a great collection of table games and poker.
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Casino de la Vallée – Gaming in Saint-Vincent, Italy

Casino de la Vallée in Saint-Vincent, Italy, traces back its history to that of the town itself as a tourist attraction – and that goes back to the 18th century. The region has been well-known among Europeans for the benefits of its healing waters since 1770 and by 1872 boasted its first “casino.” Except that “casino” meant something a bit different at that point and socializing rather than gambling was the forte at the place.

It was in 1921 that the town mayor Elia Page decided that the Saint-Vincent location would be perfect for roulette gaming in summertime. Indeed, in three months, the town had accrued enough funds to pay off all municipal debts accrued due to infrastructure work. The post-World War II era saw Page reelected as mayor and once again the town boss decided to address infrastructure problems through casino funds. Despite the previous illegalization of all gambling in Italy, special dispensation was made for Saint-Vincent to offer games of chance in 1946.

In March 1947, what is now called the “Casino de la Vallée” officially opened with a ceremonial first roulette-wheel spin. The winning number was 9, in case you’re curious.

Today, Casino de la Vallée offers a still excellent atmosphere and an impressive range of table games including blackjack, craps, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, Saint-Vincent Poker, Telesina Poker, Trente et Quarante, Trente Quarante Midi, Texas Hold ‘Em and of course roulette.

Address: via Italo Mus 1 / 11027 Saint-Vincent

Sure, Casino de la Vallée has promotions. Along with resort-and-casino vacation package specials, the gaming room itself features tournaments and special jackpots regularly.
Italian savoir-faire rules at Italy’s longest continuously-running casino