Casino gambling in Italy: Yeah, like you need another reason to visit

With liberalization of the extant national law in 2006, casinos were reestablished in Italy. Today, lovely Venice is home to two gaming houses, while three other Italian burgs also supply casino gaming – though no games of chance! For poker, table games, sports betting in just a fantastic country, check out Italy.
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Italy land-based casinos – In Venice, origin of such gaming, and other cities

The history of casino gambling in Italy is a long one indeed and, despite the illegalization of games of chance throughout the 20th century, the country today has a handful of casinos in places like Venice, San Remo, St. Vincent, and Campione d’Italia (actually located in the Lombardy region just inside Switzerland).

Like many cultural aspects of Italy, Wikipedia notes that “The history of gambling in Italy dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, when the predecessor of modern backgammon […] became popular among the Roman legionnaires.” Venice was home to the first stable gambling house in 1638 and by the end of the 18th century, the word “casino” itself had been coined in Italian.

For much of the previous century, essentially all forms of gambling were illegalized under guidelines of the Italian Criminal Law; however, in 2006, things were opened wide: Though games of chance (e.g. slot machines, keno) are still disallowed, card games based on skill and sportsbook betting were decriminalized. Thus, at Italy’s five or so casinos operating today, players may find table games and poker tables readily.


On the off-chance you were looking for one more reason to visit a country packed with fascinating history, lively culture, friendly folks and the best cuisine in the world, how about some quality casino gaming, too? It’s in Venice and a few other Italian spots...
Sharpening the skills in Italy’s land-based casinos