May the luck of the Irish be with you (come on, we had to say it…)

Not exactly a paradise for slot-machine enthusiasts, the well-rounded gambler will be right at home in Ireland’s land-based casinos. Sports betting and table games are the particular strengths in Dubling gaming houses and throughout the country. We dare you to give proper three-card poker a try...
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Ireland land-based casinos – 20 gaming houses, including 10 in Ireland

Gambling is serious business in Ireland, and the country plays host to an always interesting and much-varied group of gaming houses. All in all, about 20 land-based casinos are open in Ireland, with more than half of these in Dublin.

Would-be casino gamers in Ireland should note that each gaming house in the country provides slightly different offerings: In fact, as of this writing, five of Dublin’s 10 open casinos have no slot machines at all and just one casino in Ireland has over 100 titles.

What you will get in Ireland’s land-based casinos are a lot of opportunities to wager on sports and/or play Texas Hold ‘Em poker or the British/Irish favorite Brag (a.k.a. three-card poker), a serious challenge for even the hardest of hardcore.


How big is the gambling business in Ireland? In 2008, about €3.6 billion was wagered – at bookmakers alone. And would you believe there are about 1,100 such betting shops in the country? One supposes that “luck of the Irish” expression doesn’t come from nowhere...
Visiting Irish casinos with a pint of Guinness firmly in hand