Find locations for gambling in Finland here (There ain’t too much…)

Sorry to say, but visitors to Finland looking for casino gaming have, simply put, a choice of two. Should one find oneself in the Finnish bit of the Baltic Sea, the Arkipelag Hotel & Casino is a good bet; the capital city, meanwhile, hosts the Grand Casino Helsinki.
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Finland land-based casinos – Arkipelag in Alands, Grand Casino Helsinki

One of the smaller countries in Northern Europe, Finland has proved a bit conservative vis-à-vis gambling law there. For some time, the nation has hosted just two casinos within its borders.

The bigger (by far) of the two is naturally located in the big city: Grand Casino Helsinki features 300 slots, video poker and other electronic games plus 20 table games, poker room and a couple of electronic poker tables. Meanwhile, the “competition” exists in the appropriately-named Arkipelag Hotel & Casino in the Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland in the Baltic Sea. This small lodging spot includes 80 pokies and seven table games in its casino.

No word on whether the Finland casino situation will be loosened up for greater competition in the near future, but the country’s relative social conservatism might keep the choice limited for a while yet.

In the country of Finland, the two land-based casinos have a total of almost 400 slots and like games, plus 27 table games – and a swell poker room in the Grand Casino Helsinki. See above for information and such on the Arkipelag Hotel & Casino and the Grand.
Flipping a coin to choose between Finland’s two land-based casinos