Professionalism and slot machines abound to be found in casinos in Denmark

Blessed with liberal laws and a fine tradition of tourist services, Denmark today boasts six top-notch casinos dotted throughout the country. Enjoy slot machines and table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker games in six picturesque Danish cities.
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Denmark land-based casinos – Information on six locations for gambling

With a good, firm legal infrastructure for regulation of gaming since 1948, casinos in Denmark are rife and today the country is among the European Union’s highest in terms of casinos per capita. The industry has proven quite beneficial for the country, putting nearly DKK 1.5 billion (just about $250 million) annually into government coffers by way of taxation. Likewise, once Danish government plans to open up the country for online gambling licensing were approved by EU authorities, Denmark was instantly opened to dozens of poker websites in 2011.

Six casinos are open for business in Denmark, with locations in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Århus, Elsinore, Odense and Vejle all based in hotels. Wagers on slots are limited to DKK 20 (about $3.50 as of this writing) per spin, but up to a serious DKK 50,000 (about $9,000) may be bet per turn on other games of chance. And speaking of games of chance, casinos in Denmark offer all the typical table games, as well as the popularly-offered local favorite Viking Poker (of course).

According to Danish legislation, all land-based casinos there must register name, address, birthdate, and nationality for all guests, and photo ID is required.


The would-be player must be at least 18 years old to enjoy casino gaming in Denmark, but the restrictions pretty much stop there in one of the world’s most liberal gambling cultures. A half-dozen sweet land-based casinos await customers; see above for more information on these.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – but not the excellent casino gaming