Casino gaming in Europe stretches from Portugal to Russia

From the Continent where mostly all the games played at modern casinos originated, Europe today offers the tourist thousands of places to play, though rarity will vary from nation to nation. See below for write-ups and information on land-based casinos in Europe.
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Land-based casinos in Europe – A country-by-country listing of gaming houses

In Europe, Casino gaming is just as varied as the Continental cultures themselves. Since gambling law changes with every border crossed, so do the possible offerings and the density of the casinos themselves. While countries such as France, Germany and Britain are home to hundreds of gambling outlets each, finding a proper casino in Spain may represent something of a journey – and in Malta, citizens are forbidden to gamble in casinos that host a full array of games for tourists only.

On these pages, LiveCasinoDirect profiles a cross-section of European land-based casinos, dividing up the Continent’s offerings in country-by-country fashion. In addition to write-ups on the major gambling spots in Europe, a primer on the gaming situation for each country is also provided.

Check back often as we add more listings herein as time becomes available.

Most countries in Europe host at least one casino. For the straight dope on place to play the games on The Continent, refer to these pages of LiveCasinoDirect.
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