Know the latest software trends in online casinos

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Know the latest software trends in online casinos
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The casino industry is unstoppable. Game developers are always coming up with new things.

Websites like are the best places to spot these new developments.

Are there still some software development trends in the pipeline today? If there are none, what existing trends must gamers be aware of? Learn about them below. 

Mobile gaming software

In the past, gamers had to install a program on their PCs. At that time, it was not even possible to download a casino game on mobile devices. Now, the trend is to design game software programs in HTML5. 

HTML5 is a computer language that allows programmers to develop and run a game on a browser. Before this, browsers could only run games using Flash software. As we all know, Flash is not really safe. Today, nobody uses it in the gaming community anymore.

With HTML5 as the basic language in game software, players no longer need to install software programs. All they have to do is launch a browser and access the casino site from there. The punters can now choose what game they want to play. 

Cloud gaming trend

Similar to HTML5, all game developers now store data and game processes in the cloud. A player is able to play while the casino’s servers communicate and relay data to the mobile device in real time. 

The benefits are:

●      The player does not have to install the game.

●      The player’s data are safe in the casino’s servers.

●      The player can play with other people from different parts of the world.

●      The player can live stream real-time live dealer games.

Of course, the only caveat is that you cannot access the casino if you are offline. In addition, you must have strong and fast internet. If you don’t, the signal will break, and you can lose money.

Online casinos are not the only companies that use this software technology. Many game developers also do. Cloud technology is why it is possible to log in to the same game from different devices and access the same data.  

AI trend

AI is pretty new in the casino industry. Online casinos might use this software to track player behaviour patterns. The artificial intelligence will then promote games to this player based on his profile, location, and interests.

There is worry in the gambling industry about this. Some people say that casinos may sell a user’s information to others. Some also say that the casinos may be breached and that the player’s data is not safe.

These are, of course, merely speculations. Licensed casinos are safe. Also, legit casinos use at least 128-bit encryption and SSL. Since all data is encrypted, a hacker will not be able to decrypt the data even if he manages to intercept it. 

Slot software trend

The slot machine has taken a makeover in the past decade. In the past, most slots only had three reels and one payline. Today, the options are limitless.  

Here are some new slot software trends:

●      Mobile friendly.

●      Five reels and above.

●      Have bonuses, wild, and scatter symbols.

●      Have progressive jackpots.

●      Have more than one kind of jackpot.

●      They are in 3D.

Gone are the days of old software. In addition, all slots that game developers release now work with browsers. There is no need to download and install an app on your phone or PC to access these slots.  

Furthermore, slot machines have become fancier. The developers also make it a point to work with brands like movies. It is why you will find many slots in casinos that carry movie titles, including your favorite superheroes.

VR software trend

Several companies now manufacture VR or virtual reality goggles or lenses. The next big step for casino game developers is to hone their software programs to work with these goggles.

In VR, the gambler is immersed in the game as if he or she is in the real world. Currently, the closest to VR that many casino enthusiasts can get is through games like Sandbox and Decentraland. These games are part of the meta-universe.  

Eventually, we can expect the following:

●      Slots that we can “touch” with our controls.

●      Virtual casinos where we can “walk” inside and explore.

The best thing we can anticipate is for a casino to release VR software where players are inside a 3D role-playing game. In this game, however, there are real people, like dealers, located in a studio.

In the game, a person or player can stop by any table and then take a “seat.” After the player takes a seat, they can now instruct the software to start the game.

The gaming industry will keep on pushing the gaming frontier. The developers are always working on new technologies or applying new tech to games. The casino industry will obviously follow suit. Because of this, it is expectable that casinos will have better services and games for all of us.

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