Is Las Vegas Worth Visiting?
Is Las Vegas Worth Visiting?
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All over the world, Las Vegas is known as “the city that never sleeps” because of its vibrant nightlife, entertainment venues and shopping facilities. With tourism on the rise and people visiting locations all over the world, many people have the same question on their mind. Is Las Vegas worth the hype?

Firstly, if you are considering visiting Vegas you should contemplate going from the end of February to early May and mid-September through early November. Not only is the weather moderate, but the rates on the rooms aren’t as high as they are during the peak summer months. As Las Vegas has lots of bright sunshine and heat all year round, you can take a dip in the many pools such as the Mandalay Beach which is around 11 acres with three pools, a lazy river and high volumes of white sand for you to sit and relax. Throughout the year, there are also performances that take place here meaning that you can listen to great music or catch a show while you sip on a beverage in the pool.

Furthermore, Las Vegas is globally renowned for its thriving casino scene and gaming environment. The big casinos have hundreds of slot games and table games with smaller venues having just slot games. For example, you could visit the Bellagio which is famous all over the world or Caesars Palace which is known for its stunning architecture. For those who have not gotten the opportunity to visit land-based casinos in Las Vegas, they can still recreate the experience by playing online poker. Not only do online casinos allow you to play from the comfort of your own home, but they also offer an array of bonuses and rewards that cannot be acquired in brick and mortar casinos.

Moreover, Vegas attracts hundreds of couples each year with its vibrant ambiance, iconic chapels, quick marriage licenses, and out-of-this-world settings. In particular, Elvis Presley wedding chapels are a great wedding location and have been used as a plot device in many films. Getting married in Las Vegas is a truly unique experience with the Graceland Chapel allowing you can to have your wedding officiated by Elvis. If you are going to Las Vegas to be married, why not extend your stay and also have your honeymoon in this fantastic location?

How Much Tourism Does The City Attract?

In addition, among the many outstanding entertainment venues in Las Vegas The Venetian is an entertainment complex with indoor and outdoor gondolas as well as stunning decor. Not only does it have lavish suites, but is also has shopping facilities, shows and architectural replicas of some of Venice’s greatest monuments. If you are a fan of nightlife, the resort also boasts a nightclub where you can go to blow off steam and have a great time with your friends.

Of course, no trip to Las Vegas would be complete without catching a show. Cirque du Soleil‘s is the most popular show in Las Vegas and takes place around a beautiful pool of water. With themes of art and magic, everyone who watches this show is impressed. Alternatively, you can catch a glimpse of the fountains of Bellagio which is a free Las Vegas attraction that fuses together water with music and light. Occurring in front of the Bellagio, the show is mesmerising and is the perfect romantic setting for any couple with more that 1000 fountains and around 5000 lights. There are a wide variety of shows to choose from to suit every type of tourists in Las Vegas but make sure to book in advance for popular shows and plan your trip around visiting the Las Vegas Strip around this. As it is a location that has so many forms of entertainment, why not make it the perfect destination for your hen or stag night?

What Adventurous Activities Are There?

A common misconception that many people have about Las Vegas is that it is only appealing in the night time. However, Las Vegas boasts a range of day time activities such as walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This is a great photo opportunity but also permits you to take in the fresh air and melt away from your worries or troubles. Lovers of nature can also visit the Red Rock Canyon which at present, has 26 hiking trails available that adhere to all levels of hikers. It is a great way to bond with those you are on the trip with whilst boosting your fitness levels.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Las Vegas is an iconic destination to visit in terms of its entertainment value, array of activities and vibrant nightlife. From visiting one of Las Vegas’ popular casinos such as Caesars Palace to venturing off into nature by visiting the Red Rock Canyon the list of things to do in Las Vegas truly makes it a location worth visiting.

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