Ireland’s New Regulatory Law: What Will Change

A new gambling law comes into force in Ireland. The main new regulations are advertising measures, but also the minimum age. But there are also other requirements. The new Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act replaces legislation that has been active since the 1950s. Accordingly, the rules were no longer up to date.

Although Ireland now has the chance to completely realign its gaming system, the new Gaming and Lotteries Act is only an interim solution for a short period of time. There is a list of the best slot sites at where you can choose the best legal casinos.

In the coming months, the complete realignment will apparently be pushed ahead. In any case, the reform of the “dusty” legislation is the first step. But what do the changes actually mean?

Existing Law Intended to be a Transitional Solution

An up-to-date legal situation in the gambling sector has not necessarily been high on the agenda for many countries in recent years. This can be seen wonderfully in Ireland. 

Here, the basic features of the gambling legislation still stemmed from the law from the 1950s. However, since nobody really thought about player protection, gambling advertising, or even online casinos back then, this has of course been outdated for a long time. 

For this reason, a gambling law was drafted in Ireland, which officially came into force in 2019: the Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act 2019.

This brought some innovations to the Irish market. For example, the minimum age for participation in games of chance. From now on, this age will be 18, regardless of the type of gambling. 

However, the law online served as a transitional solution for the time being. The new regulations for 2022 have introduced new safety measures, like the ban of all media platforms and the prohibition of credit cards.

Gambling is Popular in Ireland

The importance of the regulations of all gambling sectors can be seen from a few figures. These illustrate the popularity of almost all types of gambling in Ireland. For example, it is estimated that an amount of around €10+ billion was spent on gambling in 2021. 

Almost half of this is said to have gone to casinos, slot machines, and bingo games. The remaining five million euros were spent on sports betting, horse racing, and major lotteries. In order not to get confused in such a huge selection of offerings there is a list of the best slot sites at

Because of these enormous sums alone, consumer protection plays an important role for the Irish government. Exactly this was strengthened with the new law, it is said from government circles in Dublin. 

Irish Gambling in Growth

As in many other countries, the gambling industry in Ireland is currently experiencing massive growth. This, of course, presents a whole new set of challenges for the government and the relevant authorities. 

For this reason, a modern and effective gambling regulation is necessary, according to politicians. To drive this forward, the new law also provides for the creation of a new gambling regulatory authority. 

Although things are looking as bright as ever in Ireland, players will have to respect the following restriction:

  • Credit offers banned
  • Regulation of gambling across all media forms
  • Blockage of certain operator’s service or complete shutdown
  • Account, assets, and payment restrictions
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