Indiana Online Casino And Poker Outlook 2023

Author: Live Casino Direct
Indiana Online Casino And Poker Outlook 2023

Indiana is expected to become the seventh state to legalize online gambling next year. Spectrum Gaming estimates the state's online casino revenue potential at $564 million in Year 1 and $824 million by Year 3. Vixio Gambling Compliance study estimates Indiana's internet gambling market at $724m at maturity.

Indiana will focus on modernizing and bolstering the state's existing casino industry and providing robust consumer protections rather than on expanding gambling. The state has a $6 billion budget surplus.

Indiana would have legalized online gambling last year if not for an investigation into illegal campaign contributions. The investigation may be over, but there will be some residual effects. A pay-for-play scandal connected to sports betting in neighboring Ohio could keep the events in Indiana’s recent past top of mind.

Rep. Ethan Manning was appointed to chair the Public Policy Committee. The committee assignment is the likely starting point for gambling legislation.

Online casino legalization in Indiana is not certain. The anti-gambling crowd has a strong base in the state. Several issues might bubble to the surface during the discussions.

Indiana already has mobile. If the state legalizes online casino gambling and iLottery, the Lottery might feel left out in the cold. The inclusion of iLotto could create friction if lottery retailers oppose the effort.

The biggest roadblock to introducing iLottery in the US was the opposition from the retail industry. European data shows that the brick-and-mortar retail business does not get impacted negatively when iLotto launches. The growth rate of the business after i lotto has been introduced has accelerated. Michigan has set annual sales records every year since introduction of online lottery products.

Horse racing industry could threaten the bill and get a handout from the government. Online gambling in Indiana could require a subsidy to placate the horse racing.

Indiana Online Casino and Poker Bill is expected to become an Omnibus. VGTs are a controversial topic in the Midwest. They were a problem in Pennsylvania's gambling expansion bill.