Illegal Slots Lead to Death of Clerk in Pennsylvania

Author: Live Casino Direct
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Video slot machines operated illegally at a convenience store in Pennsylvania are at the center of a new wrongful death lawsuit. A man was fatally shot while at work by an individual that robbed the location's illegal video slot machine.

Ashokkumar Patel, 50, was shot dead by a drug dealer at a Sunoco-affiliated store in 2020. Patel was an attendant at the store for only a week. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Patel's widow, his two daughters and his son.

The criminal who shot and killed Patel escaped with thousands of dollars from the illegal gambling machines. Patel's family wants to hold accountable the defendants that ignored "basic safety and security protocols" and threatened Patel. Larry Bendesky, a part of Saltz Mongeluzzi and Bendeys legal team, said that the recent lawsuit is likely the first such claim in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Patel died because of illegal slot machines. The defendants wanted to place as many illicit profit centers as they could.