How To Win In Sweepstakes Casinos & How To Tell If A Sweepstakes Is Legitimate

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Wild Casino, Wow Vegas, and Golden Hearts Games are three of the most popular and genuine lottery casinos on the market. This guide is here to show you whether you should sign up to and get that exclusive bonus code MIKBONUS to get an extra 5% rakeback on all losses, or try Wow Vegas or Golden Hearts Games. 

Plus, this article will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to win at sweepstakes casinos and recognize legitimate ones. 

Top Sweepstakes & Social Casinos

  • – Stunning promos for new and existing customers
  • Wow Vegas – Great selection of free-to-play slots
  • Golden Hearts Games – Charity-based casino with feelgood factor

Compare online sweepstakes casinos for Cash & Offers

How to Win in Sweepstakes Casinos

Millions of dollars are awarded in prizes every month by sweepstakes games, making them extremely popular and easy to play. You can win amazing jackpots from sweepstakes games faster than you think. To get the best experiences from social casinos, this guide has put together some experts’ top secrets, tips, and tricks.

How Does The Currency System Work?

Sweepstakes are a popular online gaming model, allowing players to use either Sweepstakes Coins or Gold Coins to play with. The Gold Coins are used in normal casino games, and will only return more Gold Coins to you. However, the Sweeps Coins can also be used in the special sweepstakes side of things; if you win while using Sweeps Coins, you can then redeem these winnings into cash or other prizes.

How To Play Without Buying Coins?

While you can buy Gold Coins, you can also pick them up for free by winning them through promotions, like daily login bonuses and social media giveaways.

How To Get Free Sweeps Coins?

You can’t buy Sweeps Coins, but you can get them through promotions, or sometimes as a bonus for buying Gold Coins. There might also be a way of sending in a postal request to get free Sweeps Coins, so make sure to check out the site’s terms and conditions to see if they offer a postal address for this promotion. 

Best Sweepstakes & Social Casinos

This guide has found that, Wow Vegas and Golden Hearts Games offer you great examples of how sweepstakes casinos should work. Keep reading this guide to see what these sites have to offer. 

The Best Sweepstakes Casino: Casino is easily one of the most exciting sweepstakes casinos on the market. It features hundreds of slots and table games that you can play for free, and there is even a live casino – this isn’t something you see at too many sweepstakes casinos! The games here all come from top developers like Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming, and there are even some Stake Originals that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can use the MIKBONUS exclusive deal to get a 5% rakeback on your losses, and features no shortage of other promos for existing customers either. These include everything from social media giveaways, to a host of challenges, tournaments and battles that’ll keep you topped up with free coins. Plus you can even redeem your Stake Cash virtual credit to win prizes like merchandise and gift cards. So be sure to give a try if you want to see what a good sweepstakes casino looks like.

Wow Vegas: A great choice for free sweepstakes gaming

Wow Vegas is another top contender that offers you the chance to play a variety of exciting games for free. You can sign up to Wow Vegas and find that you get a generous dose of free coins that you can use in well over 300 slot games. These slots all come from major developers, like Pragmatic Play and Betsoft, so that you can be assured of great gameplay.

It’s important to note that Wow Vegas is a strictly play-for-fun site, which means that you won’t be winning any prizes here. This is because you will be playing with Wow Coins, which is a kind of virtual currency with no cash value that cannot be redeemed for anything else. Plus, with lots of promos and its VIP program, you can last a long time at Wow Vegas without having to purchase any more virtual credit. 

Golden Hearts Games: A sweepstakes casino with a big heart

At Golden Hearts Games, players can exchange their coins for real cash prizes and/or digital gift cards. While this is obviously appealing, it’s important to mention the fact that Golden Hearts Games is actually a promotional gaming platform that supports charities. This is because a percentage of all of your virtual credit purchases can go to a charity of your choosing. 

Not that Golden Hearts Games isn’t a great sweepstakes casino in its own right. In addition to classic bingo, Golden Hearts Games also offers blackjack, slots, video poker, and instant win games. Plus you’ll find lots of handy deals that all do a good job of keeping you topped up with virtual credit. For example, the welcome bonus will give you $10 in extra credit after you make a first purchase of $10 or more. 

How to choose new sweeps casinos

This guide has found that there are multiple factors that need to be considered before picking a sweepstakes casino. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Game selection

Make sure that the sweepstakes casino actually has your favorite gaming genre. After all, while most sites have slot games, you might have to look harder to find table games.

Offers and free sweeps

It’s essential that the sweepstakes casino has a good range of special offers. This is because these deals will all work to top your account balance with virtual credit, so that you don’t have to make any purchases. 

Cash prizes

Sweepstakes have been a favorite across America for decades, as they provide an exciting opportunity to win big prizes and money with minimal risk. Just note that prizes can range from cash to things like gift cards, merchandise and so on. 

Is an app available?

Most sweepstakes casinos sites are easy to use from the mobile’s internet browser, but be sure to check around to see if the brand has its own dedicated gaming app.

How to tell if a sweepstakes casino is legitimate

It is important to make sure that a sweepstake is legal. Reputable sweepstakes should have visible information about their licensing included in all forms of communication, from emails to the footer of the website.


Sweepstakes casinos are legal in almost all US states and Canada, giving them unparalleled operation and extensive popularity. All in all, sweepstakes casinos should provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere, but will always have full digital encryption to keep your data and purchases safe.


Make sure that the sweepstakes casino has a website that is easy to use. Plus, check that there aren’t any broken links and that the games play without any glitches.

Bonus offers

Sweepstakes often offer bonuses when you share the casino with your friends. This can give you a big bonus to your bankroll, so take advantage if possible. To increase your chances of finding people who might want to make referrals, you can also create a social media list or search for sweepstakes participants in forums or groups.

Customer support

Every reliable casino has a customer support team that is available 24/7. You should be able to get in touch via live chat, email and even social media.

Payment methods

You should be given safe and efficient ways to make purchases of virtual credit at a sweepstakes casino. These should usually include debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and even e-wallets. 

Overall selection of games

Check that the sweepstakes casino has a good range of games available. Not only should you be able to play slot games, but there should also be table games like roulette and blackjack. 

Terms of conditions

Make sure you read the fine print of the sweepstakes casino, as it will include information about the duration of the competition, entries, prizes, and chances of winning. This should all be clearly stated; if it isn’t, it’s probably a scam. It is always wise to check what other people think by reading their reviews online too.

Watch out for sweepstakes scams

Your chances of winning can be high if you participate in many sweepstakes and wait for your winning result. However, if your expectations are high, you may be tricked and fall for a scam. Keep yourself safe by knowing the warning signs of sweepstakes scams. If you receive a notification of a win, study it before responding to make sure it’s genuine.

Summary – How to win in sweepstakes casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are a great way to have fun and possibly win prizes. By following the tips this guide has given you, you can enhance your gambling experience while playing at sweepstakes casinos. Additionally, it is important to remember that you should only play at legitimate sweepstakes casinos. 

Do your research, check the reviews, and always pay attention to all the rules associated before entering – this way you’ll be sure to find a safe and legitimate option for playing online games.


What is the best way to win sweepstakes casinos? 

The best way to win at sweepstakes casinos is to do your research, and be patient. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll win big straight away, so dedicate some time to read reviews and strategies for the games you want to try out. Also, make sure to use your Gold Coins while you practise on the games, and save your Sweeps Coins for when you’re ready!

How many sweepstakes casinos can I join?

As many as you like. You will only find your favorite social casino if you give a couple different ones a chance. This way, you can also take advantage of more welcome bonuses too!

What is the best sweepstakes gaming strategy?

If you want to participate in as many sweepstakes as possible in the time you have, you need to develop a strategy for finding new sweepstakes to participate in. This means making sure that you play the best games and be careful in how you wager with your virtual credit.