How to Get a Ready-Made Online Casino Platform

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How to Get a Ready-Made Online Casino Platform

While many casino operators give time to build their online casino platform from scratch, others are concerned about getting a ready-made casino by partnering with an experienced software provider. An experienced iGaming software provider will make use of reliable products and API solutions to prepare a ready-made online casino platform – a turnkey suite, sport engine, fast API integration, or a retail solution.

If you have ever come across an online casino platform for sale in most cases, it is a ready-made platform designed with powerful API solutions. However, they build them to ease potential online casino operators the stress of building from the scratch using some key products and solutions. A couple of products make this possible to build a ready-made online casino platform. 

What an iGaming Solutions Exist


Professional software providers provide software for sportsbooks, featuring the major features and integration required to build sports platforms. This allows users to purchase a ready sportsbook, embedding it into their platform as an extra service. This product allows users to access event matchtrackers, 70,000+ monthly events, and lots more. 

Odds feed

Another product of the online casino platform is the odds feed. A software provider offers sports betting software that helps online casino platforms and businesses with innovative solutions, helping to enhance the experience of users. The modern software helps in creating a stake in real-time – an in-demand odd system. It comes with certain features such as an odds converter, real-time data feed, and more. 

Online casino software

This product helps in scaling your iGaming business regardless if it is an existing one or new when you collaborate with a reliable software provider. Partnering with a top casino solution provider grants users access to a wide range of casino programs that can help bring more clients as well as compete with the big names. With this product, operators can set up and launch a ready-made iGaming platform. Users can integrate the software into their website and at the same time, can be delivered alongside a custom-made platform. This is a casino engine that helps in enhancing and optimizing your project’s functions. Some of the features are over 4,000 games, more than 10 casino genres, and more. 

Bitcoin casino software

This state-of-the-art product is a crypto casino software solution offered by top casino software providers. They help to build a charming website even from the start. This product help users to create a crypto casino, sportsbook, and at the same time, a website that has both products. It is left for operators to decide on the choice of cryptocurrencies to integrate into their betting platform as there are many of them. Some popular cryptocurrencies include BTC, mBTC, Ethereum, USDT, and more. This product also comes with features such as top cryptocurrencies support, swift transaction, and more. 

Agent system 

This is a product module that helps operators in creating a multi-level agent network – a management system that makes it very simple to monitor business financials without requiring any effort. The user dashboard comes with everything operators need regardless if it is for casino or bookie agent software. Some of the features of this module include a multi-level hierarchy, an advanced operator dashboard, and more.

Affiliate system

This product is a program module designed to build affiliate marketing networks. The management system makes it convenient for operators as well as administrators to use the product. The affiliate marketing software works perfectly for all commission plans. It supports the setting up of distinct plans and deals. 

This software enables users in optimizing their affiliate’s dashboard, granting them more accessibility and making it more functional. On the other end, it helps to enhance the campaign’s quality, generating more traffic to your platform and businesses. Some features of this product include auto link generation, multi-platform tech, and lots more. 

Turnkey Solutions for a Ready-Made Online Casino Platform

A Turnkey is a designed solution that helps in the easy integration of the different modules into a casino platform such as sports betting with both powerful administrative and marketing tools with an API. To begin an iGaming project from scratch, the turnkey solution is the most practical and efficient practice. 

The software comes with table games, live casinos, and lots more. It also comes with the most popular sports events and major leagues, featuring an internet payment system that supports over 175 accepted currencies. Its agent module and advanced affiliate help in brand promotions. Turkey also had a responsive design, multiple payment providers support, website templates to use on the go, in-house betting odds, and more.


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